Overwatch 2: How To Counter and Beat Zarya

The much-awaited Overwatch 2 has been chugging along ever since its release in October. The sequel to the first Overwatch has seen quite a few things being kept the same, including the characters and abilities as well.

The main kinds of Tank, Damage, and Support are all the same with a key figure, Zarya, being part of the tank department.

She is a superb fighter when it comes to close combat, ranging to medium distances. A member of the Krasnoyarsk Front in Russia, she has four main abilities along with her main weapon.

Therefore, Zarya is one of the most powerful tanks in Overwatch 2 and players will need to be wary of how to defeat her. In that regard, the following guide will help players in best negating the threat of Zarya in the game through your best options.

Overwatch 2 - Zarya

Overwatch 2: Zarya’s abilities and information

Overwatch 2 has changed its old 6v6 format to fit the conventional 5v5 one, but several aspects of the game will seem very familiar to returning players.

Zarya is one of the most wisened tanks in the game’s history while also serving as a very potent enemy with great health and superb defense. However, there is little to no dodging on her part, meaning that she heavily relies on landing her hits which gives her the advantage during fights.

Her attacks are based on the amount of damage she takes on, which allows her to fire back as strongly as possible. It is very important to read up on her abilities in the game which are as follows:

  • Graviton Surge (Ultimate): A gravity pull occurs through the occurrence of a graviton ball.
  • Projected Barrier (E): Zarya uses a particle barrier that will protect her teammates from damage as well.
  • Particle Cannon (Primary Fire): A liner energy beam fired by Zarya.
  • Energy (Passive): The barriers will pick up damage which will in turn enhance the powers of the Particle Cannon.
  • Particle Barrier (L-Shift): Zarya covers herself with a barrier to shield herself from damage.

As strong as she appears, Zarya can be defeated in the game, but you have to be very wary. This is because she is capable of powering through a huge amount of damage which will really knock you back.

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There is also the worry regarding buffs that she will gain because of her safeguarding her team members.

Overwatch 2 - Bastion

Overwatch 2: Which heroes will counter Zarya?

There are four best choices for players when it comes to knocking out Zarya. They are as listed below along with how to go about the battles individually:

Bastion: Nicknamed the “Tank Killer,” it is imperative we start with the most powerful opponent for Zarya. The sentry can inflict big amounts of damage which will not stop even against shields, meaning the tanks are in for a world of hurt. Bastion also uses his grenades masterfully to further reduce Zarya’s health regeneration process.

Sombra: She renders Zarya’s barrier prowess of no use, meaning players will be able to attack her more, given that the shields are the most important part of Zarya’s armory in offense and defense.

Zenyatta: The Orb of Discord inflicts greater damage while also stopping Zarya from recovering fully. Therefore, you are free to go after Zarya as her recovery powers will get restricted.

Pharah: The two rockets that Pharah uses will be great options, alongside the ability to be in the air where Zarya’s strikes cannot hit Pharah. So, continue using the rockets to weaken Zarya which will also render her unable to help her team and provide blocks for them as well.

That is all the information players will need to take down Zarya in Overwatch 2. She is by no means an easy opponent to win against, but there are certain advantages you can definitely take. Therefore, do not be shy to confront her using the aforementioned heroes who have the upper hand in fights with her.

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

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