Overwatch 2 | How to get Legacy Credits in the game

Yes, you may transfer your prized old skins, cosmetics, and credits from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2 in the form of Legacy Credits, the game’s new in-game currency. This manual will show you precisely how to achieve that. To learn more details, read the entire manual.


How To Get Legacy Credits In Overwatch 2

A first-person shooter game called Overwatch 2 has finally made its way into the gaming industry as a follow-up to Overwatch. The illustrious Blizzard Entertainment created and released this game. This game is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Playstation 5.

Prepare to play the 5v5 PVP game with your power-up moves and the all-new Push mode while selecting from a roster of more than 35 characters. While being enthralled by the graphics of this shooter game, don’t forget to assemble a formidable team with intriguing characters and a wide range of skins.

In this shooter game, Blizzard never lets its fans down, so you can anticipate something intriguing. So, it might be your intriguing skins or cosmetics and the priceless Overwatch season one credit. You have it exactly right. 

I can guarantee you won’t find any Legacy Credits if you’ve already started looking for them in your game store. Therefore, cease fretting and use this tutorial to discover how to obtain Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2.

How to get

Verify that you meet the two requirements listed here in order to receive Legacy Credits. First of all, Overwatch 2 does not allow the purchase of Legacy Credits. But you may get them easily. Second, make sure that the Battle.net account you used for Overwatch 1 is the same one you use for Overwatch 2.

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You won’t be able to move your Credits values if they aren’t the same. Once you are aware of the prerequisites, you can obtain your priceless Legacy Credits and learn how to use them by reading the section below.

How to use Overwatch 2’s Legacy Credit currency

Legacy Credits are a new currency that can be used to buy skins or cosmetics, and they can be found on your right screen. For instance, follow the instructions below if you wish to purchase Draugr Reinhardt. First, select Draugr Reinhardt from the Heroes selections to customize his skin and makeup.

This shooter game will then prompt you to choose a monetary option. To complete the transaction, select Legacy Credits here. Don’t forget to purchase the skin of the new shooter game heroes, Kiriko or Junker Queen. You won’t be able to earn any more Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2, so choose your skin and cosmetics carefully.

Additionally, this shooting game forbids spending Legacy credits to purchase seasonal skins, so you cannot purchase all available skins and cosmetics in this shooter game. 

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Last Updated on April 12, 2023

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