Overwatch 2 | Shambali Monastery Health Pack Locations

Understanding where the health packs are on each map in Overwatch 2 is essential. As a tank or a DPS, you can occasionally need to heal yourself after a fight if no healer is available. If you don’t know where any health packs are, you’ll be wandering around aimlessly until you get killed, or you’ll have to make the arduous journey back to spawn while looking for one.

In Overwatch 2, let’s go over where each health pack is located at Shambali Monastery.


Health Pack Locations In Shambali Monastery For Overwatch 2

You will require healing somewhere on the map due to the new difficulties concentrating on Shambali Monastery. While you might request a healer to replenish your health, it is usually preferable to go to the closest health pack and reset for your upcoming battle. The location of each health pack will be discussed after starting at the attacker’s spawn.

Shambali Monastery Health Pack Locations in Overwatch 2

Screenshot 1

Spawn Point

A sizable and tiny health pack can be found directly outside the attacker’s spawn point. With the help of these, attackers will be able to recover fast without having to return to their spawn room. 

  • We can find another small health pack in a tiny room off to the left of the track by following the direction the cart will take.
  • Most defenders will want to stay near this pack since it will let them recover without giving back a lot of ground.

Screenshot 2

Cart Spawn Point

A short distance down the way, directly ahead of the cart spawn point, in a double-entrance building, lies another small health pack. This pack is almost too far away to be effective for either team in a fight. Therefore DPS who require a quick heal before reentering the fight is much better off using it. The Repair Shop and two additional health packs are to the right of that health pack.

  • The Repair Shop is necessary for a challenge.
  • We have a tiny pack outside the Repair Shop that can be retrieved without moving too far from the cart.
  • We have a sizable pack inside the store that you can utilize to help you finish the task for the store.

Cart Track

We can pick up two more health packs after the second turn on the cart track. Once more, it is a compact package that is simple to access from the main track.

  • A sizable pack will also considerably distance you from the battle. 
  • Unless you are a mobile character ready to sacrifice their mobility to rejoin the battle, it will take you much longer to recover after obtaining this health kit.
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The tunnel is the next challenge, where you can have multiple battles. Fortunately, the tunnels alone contain three separate health pack locations. This should simplify the challenge because you can quickly recover from any battles you engage in. Two tiny health packs can be found in a side tunnel to the right of the main tunnel entrance.

  • You’ll find the other a few steps left of the top cart track.
  • You can locate a sizable health pack behind the equipment platform at the tunnel’s U-turn.
  • These are relatively close to the main track, making it simple to access them during combat.

After Tunnel

As we emerge from the tunnel, there is another little health pack at the start of a flank path. Before reaching the first checkpoint, where the cart and the defenders’ initial spawn are located, you will encounter a sizable health pack if you continue down the trail.


There are three health kits available for selection at the first checkpoint. To the left of the checkpoint, behind a short wall, is one little health pack. Right outside the defender’s first spawn room is a sizable health pack. Last but not least, a second little health pack immediately to the right of the checkpoint, behind the big pillar. 

  • As you get closer to the last checkpoint, healing becomes less plentiful.
  • There is only one little pack between the defender’s first spawn and the map’s end.
  • After passing the first checkpoint and leaving the roofed spawn area, the pack is to the right.

Second Spawn Point

The defenders’ last cap region and second spawn point are finally reached. You can use two packs in this region to finish the four masters challenge and remain in the battle.

  • The last checkpoint is to the right of a small pack, and the big pack is on the other side of the little pack.
  • A cliff you could be pushed off is visible from the top of the big pack, so take caution.

On the map of the Shambali Monastery, these are all the health packets. Memorizing them all can take some time. Once you’ve memorized every location, you should find that you can take on opponents at full health, which should help you win more battles. Currently, Overwatch 2 is accessible on the PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 3. 

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

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