Oxygen Not Included | Access Violation Is there a Fix?

What can be a potential fix for Access Violation in ONI ?

For a game which is Mostly MOD oriented, things can go wrong on many levels. One of the errors in this game can be the Access Violation. There are some potential fixes to do, if and when one faces this. If you seek such information then keep reading…


Cause For Access Violation :

The main Reason as players are reporting can be the antivirus which blocks the MOD files in game.


Oxygen Not Included Access Violation FIX 1 :

  • If the root cause is the antivirus which is blocking your MOD files. Try turning it off for a change. Restart the System. Make sure that the antivirus is off when you check it. And have a look, if the Access Violation gets fixed or not.


Oxygen Not Included Access Violation FIX 2 :

  • Run a thorough scan of the Root folders of the MOD files to check for potential viruses before turning the antivirus off. After you have successfully done that, Turn it off and try to check if it is fixed or not.


Oxygen Not Included Access Violation FIX 3 :

  • What if the game runs into an infinite starting loop??
  • the solutions are as follows :
  • 1. Close the game 
    2. Unsubscribe from the mod
    3. Open the game 
    4. Close the game again 
    5. Subscribe to the mod 
    6. Open the game, the problem should be gone and the mod updated

    And that should fix your infinite loop issue with the game.

  • The cause of this can be the failure of steam to update the files the usual way.


If the problem still persists you can contact the Devs here : Link

NOTE : This is just a work in progress and a potential fix to the problem. As we find out more about this issue, we will update it here. It has worked for some people but for some the problem may still persist. In that case wait for a potetial fix or solution or you can write to the devs from the above link.


Thanks for reading!

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