Oxygen Not Included | Enable all MODS at once Cheat

How can we enable all the MODS in the game at once?

About the trick :

When it comes to Oxygen Not Included, all the emphasis to play this game comes down to the Modding part of the game. But the issue is enabling them. Since the developers have not given the players much to work with here. In this guide we will tell a simple cheat / trick to bypass that and enable all of the MODS at once.


Enable all mods at once STEP 1 :

  • Open the follow path as shown :
  • C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods


Enable all mods at once STEP 2 :

  • You will find a Config file. Open it with Notepad ++ or anyother relevant Text Editor.


Enable all mods at once STEP 3 :

  • There will be a text written as – “enabled”: false.
  • Change this part, to true.
  • Do this process for every entry.


And save it. Now you will skip all the long and tedious process to add the mods one by one. You can now add them all at once.


Thanks for reading!


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