Oxygen Not included | Latest Steam MOD files FIX

What to do if steam is not updating latest MOD files?

About the Issue :

So far Oxygen Not inlcluded got a great response from the community. Mainly for the fact that the Modding can be done both from steam and from external modding sites which provide legit files. But The problem with steam is that they are not providing the updated Modding files from the workshop. It has to do with the In-game updater which is not in sync with the steam workshop.

Players are generally facing a lot of issues because of this de-synced update of Mod files. So in this FIX guide we will put up a way to update the files 100%. But you will have to sacrifice you current settings. Since steam has not addressed the issue, something is better than nothing, so keep reading if you seek the solution…


MOD files update FIX 1 :

  • Try changing the default download region and check if the download speed or the update has sped of or not.
  • Steam > Settings > download > download region


MOD files update FIX 2 :

STEP 1 :

  • Create a steam collection of all the mods you want to use.

STEP 2 :

  • When you want to update the MOD files, disable them in the game.

STEP 3 :

  • Unsubcribe from all of them from the steam workshop, and subscribe again.

STEP 4 :

  • It will delete all the settings you had, BUT it will update the Game and the MOD files 100%.


If the problem still persists, you can contact Devs here : LINK


Thanks for reading!


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