Persona 4 Arena Ultimax | Performance Guide And Error Fixes

In this guide, I am going to be talking about the common performance issues faced in the game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. These errors/issues are being faced by a whole lot of players and I thought it fit to compile a guide with the relevant fixes.

Check out my full guide and let us know if they worked and how you are enjoying this game.

Common Performance Related Issues Fixed In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

How to fix the resolution issue

Want to play the game full screen but the port has only a limited amount of resolutions that don’t fit your screen? Want the game to fit on your screen but do not want to play in window mode because it sucks? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Borderless Gaming

Borderless gaming? What’s that? Well, it’s software that makes any game in window mode into a “windowless border” that adapts to your screen. In other words, it gives the illusion that it is on full screen, but it isn’t actually.  To download it go to this GitHub link:

Now you click that little text to download the software. Now go through the setup process that I assume you all are familiar with. In case you’re not, to put it simply, just say yes to everything.

Actually using the Borderless Gaming

Now open P4 Arena Ultimax in window mode. But actually, you can use this with any other game you have with a resolution issue. See how it doesn’t fit right? Also that the taskbar is blocking a bit this way? And not to mention the border. Well, its time to fix it!

When you open the software, all the current applications running will appear on the left, and the ones on the right are apps that automatically will be made border-less by the program.

Just find/click P4 Arena Ultimax and then the arrow to the right. And voila! That looks good, doesn’t it? That’s it. To not have to open Borderless Gaming each time you boot up your PC, in the program’s “options” you can check it to “Run on Startup”.

InitRenderer Error Fix Without Using a Second Monitor

A definite fix for the InitRenderer error was used by myself.

The Fix

The main cause of this problem is linked to your monitor. You can play the game in a windowed/ borderless window with no issues. Also, you can normally change the window setting from the in-game menu or the graphic file located in the game’s files.

But see, the problem is, there is no config file. You can change the graphic options because the game never launched and created those files.

Just download them and drop them on C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\P4U2\Save or wherever the game’s save folder is located. 

I’ve used this fix myself after countless hours of research and I can definitely say that it works. (Got the files from a friend who never had this issue). I hope I could’ve helped! Make sure you share this fix with your friends so we can all enjoy the game until Atlus fixes its game.

Alternative Fix

Installing DXVK
  • Download “dxvk-x.xx.tar.gz:” from here (
  • Extract the archive (.tar.gz) with 7-zip. By default, it will create another folder with the same name as the archive.
  • Go where it was extracted. There will be another archive (.tar) for you to extract because tars are cumbersome on Windows.
  • There will be two folders: “x86” and “x64”. P4AU is 64-bit, so go into the x64 folder and copy the .dll files.
  • Paste the files into your P4AU folder, you can find this by right-clicking the game in Steam -> Manage -> Browse Local Files.
  • Launch the game and revel in the glory of the 480p intro cutscene.

Sound & Language Option Crash Fix

Change dubbing to Japanese if going into “Sound and Language” options crashes your game. For some people, mainly those from Poland, going into Sound and Language settings immediately crashes the game.

This guide will not show how to stop the crashes, but it will show how to change the dubbing to Japanese without entering the menu. You will need:

  • HxD – Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Your own save file


  • Step 1: Install HxD

Go to this website[] and download the installable version with any language you’re most comfortable with. Extract the file from the archive and open it, then follow the installation instructions. You can uninstall this after we’re done.

  • Step 2: Locate your save file and make a back-up

The save file will be located in C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Roaming\P4U2\Save.

You can go into roaming faster by typing in %appdata% into the Windows search bar. You’re save file is called save.dat, make a back-up of it somewhere else on your computer.

  • Step 3: Open your save file with HxD

Open HxD and then drag your save.dat file into it.

  • Step 4: Change this part of the file

I don’t know the correct terminology, so please excuse me. Locate the part highlighted in the screenshot above, it should be either 00 or 02. Change it to 01. This will change the dubbing in menus and story mode, but the battles will still be in English.

Changing the part highlighted here to 01 will change battle voices to Japanese. After changing it, save the file by either using Ctrl+S or by pressing Save in the File tab at the top of the program.

  • Step 5: Done!

Now you should be able to play the game in Japanese! 

How to ensure a better connection (until we get rollback)

A very simple tip to help players have more stable online matches.

Player Synchronization

When the match first connects, you may notice some lag while the camera pans around the stage in the intro. DO NOT mash through this, as the game uses this period to synchronize the players’ clients and provide a more stable connection. Instead, wait until the stuttering has got less frequent or stopped entirely before skipping past the intro.


Fix for the low game volume during menus and gameplay. 


You will need a hex editor, such as HxD or 010, and find your savedata.

Link to HxD (free): click here (
Link to 010 (paid, has a free trial): click here (

You can find your savedata by opening a windows explorer tab and pasting the following into the address bar, and then press enter;


This will bring you to the folder where your savedata is located, the file you want to edit is called save.dat

Editing the Master Volume in your savedata 

Open your save.dat file in your Hex editor, you can do this by opening your hex editor and then dragging and dropping your save.dat file onto it. And then go to the address 0x4C, highlighted below;

And now change this value to E8 03 00 00 (this is 1000 in little endian hex).

Now save your edit by either clicking save on the menu or using the ctrl+s keyboard shortcut, and you’re done! You can confirm your edits by going in-game and checking the sound options and confirming that your Master Volume is now set to 1000 (although the fact that you can actually hear the game now should be confirmation enough).

Fix your game crashing when going into versus!

If you’re facing issues go into Options –> Display Settings. Set your Display Mode into Full Window, it helped with my game. Hopefully, this helps the issue! Seems like for full-screen we might just have to wait for a patch. If this helps you out give a thumbs up.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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