Persona 4 Golden – Screen Tearing Fix PC

Recently, players of Persona 4 Golden are facing issues with screen Tearing on PC which requires a quick fix. And as reported by many players, it is not caused by a low spec PC.  4K gaming for Persona 4 Golden on a maxed-out setting, seems very hard since there is always screen tearing, even on the cutscenes for most players. In this guide, we will list some solutions, which can possibly fix this issue. If, however, none of these fixes work, you can contact steam support. You should also wait for the devs to push a hotfix for it.

Fix Screen Tearing in Persona 4 Golden

  • Optimize your rendering scale for 4K – If you are playing the game at 4K resolution, try dialing down the Rendering resolution to 150% instead of 200%
  • Lower the Refresh Rate Manually – If you are playing on a 140/144Hz monitor, Try lowering the refresh rate to 60Hz. You can also change the monitor, just in case you have a spare 60Hz monitor. As reported by some players, lowering the Refresh rate has reduced Screen Tear significantly.
  • Change from Fullscreen to Borderless – Making the change from Fullscreen to Borderless has also fixed the screen tearing issue for some players. You can do this fix and keep the rendering resolution to 200% to check.
  • Changing priority in Windows Graphics Settings:
    • Type Graphics Settings in the windows search bar.
    • In the window, browse for P4G.exe
    • Select it and increase its priority to High
  • Try a combination of Both High priority + Borderless to see an effective difference in screen tearing.

NOTE: If you face any issues during and after these settings, revert it back to original and contact dev support.

As we find out more solutions, we will possibly update the post. Meanwhile, you can try a combination of High priority + Borderless + 60Hz for the optimum fix which causes screen tearing in Persona 4 Golden. That will be all for this guide. Any questions, comments, or general queries are welcome in the comment section below.

Last Updated on December 19, 2020

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