Persona 5 Strikers 100% Achievements (Steam)

This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to get 100% achievements unlocked on steam for Persona 5 Strikers. Persona 5 Strikers (P5S) has a couple of achievements that are missable. You need to be particularly careful while doing them. They are; What are Friends For?, and Master Chef. If you miss these, you will have to start over and play the game from the start. If you want to avoid repeating this, then be on the lookout for these two achievements in particular.

Another thing to note is that the last Persona in the compendium is locked behind New Game Plus. Hence, completing Mask Connoisseur requires you to play NG+ all the way, until fusion is unlocked. Having that said, let’s check out all the achievements you can unlock for the game.

P5S – 100% Achievements Guide for Steam

NOTE: Wordings may be similar due to the nature of the guide (in-game names & achievements being universal). I highly advise reader discretion during the reading.

Story Achievements

Cage of Lust Closed

  • Complete the Shibuya Jail

Cage of Vanity Conquered

  • Complete the Sendai Jail

Cage of Gluttony Torched

  • Complete the Sapporo Jail

Cage of Desolation Condemned

  • Complete the Okinawa Jail

Cage of Wrath Collapsed

  • Complete the Kyoto Jail

Cage of Arrogance Cracked

  • Complete the Osaka Jail

Humanity’s Companion

  • Completed the Jail of the Abyss

Walk Your Own Path

  • Completed the Tree of Knowledge

Back in Business

  • Witness the Phantom Thieves’ reunion

Farewell to the Past

  • Wolf awakened his Persona

A Newfound Heart

  • Sophia found strength of heart

Combat Achievements

It’s Showtime!

  • Activate Showtime

Knife in the Dark

  • Perform 50 ambushes

Unshakeable Teamwork

  • Performed an All-Out Attack 150 times
  • Knocking down an enemy lets you use an All-Out Attack, and each use increases the counter by one. The number of enemies does not matter so take note of that.

Phantom Striker

  • Defeat 200 enemies with Phantom Moves
  • These are special actions you can perform by interacting with the environment, such as lamps, chandeliers, etc.

Know Your Enemy

  • Hit the enemy’s weakness 300 times
  • Aim for enemy weaknesses in all fights. Hitting the same enemy with their weakness multiple times will not increase the counter by more than one.

All That Glitters

  • Defeated 10 Treasure Demons
  • Treasure Demons are non-hostile rare spawns that look like a floating red jewel before you engage. You will only get 30s to defeat them, so take advantage of their elemental weakness and go ham on them!

Item Sweeper

  • Find 200 items in the Jail

Treasure Hunter

  • Opened treasure chest 50 times

Who Dares Wins

  • Defeated a Dire Shadow
  • There is a Dire Shadow in each Jail, and they can be recognized by their body being surrounded by electricity. They are very high level so you need to give it a few goes before you can defeat them. You will be very lucky if can defeat them in your first walkthrough.

The Most Daring of All

  • Defeat all Dire Shadows

Death Defied

  • Defeated the Reaper
  • Unlocking the Reaper fight requires beating the main story, clearing all strong shadows requests, and completing both rematch requests for each boss. Keep this in mind while doing this particular achievement.

Persona Achievements

Seeker of Power

  • Used Incense

Eye For Talent

  • Use Persona Points to enhance Persona parameters

Mask Connoisseur

  • Register 100% of Personas

Character Achievements

Best Friend

  • Reach max level with one Bond skill. Doing most things in the game will earn you Bond points, but maxing Bond skills will take a bit of effort throughout the game. So be ready to grind if it is deemed necessary.

Best of the Best

  • Reach at least level 70 with all Phantom Thieves members

What are Friends For?

  • Clear all special requests of Phantom Thieves members
  • Make sure to talk to your team members every day. Aim to finish their requests as soon as possible to avoid potentially missing any future requests.

Ultimate Trump Card

  • Unlock all Joker Master Arts

Jolly Roger

  • Unlock all Skull Master Arts

Gentleman Thief

  • Unlock all Mona Master Arts

Flame Dancer

  • Unlock all Panther Master Arts

Peerless Blade

  • Unlock all Fox Master Arts

Fist of Justice

  • Unlock all Queen Master Arts

Sophisticated Lady

  • Unlock all Noir Master Arts

Technological Marvel

  • Unlock all Sophie Master Arts

Repentant Fang

  • Unlock all Wolf Master Arts

Master Thieves

  • Unlock all Master Arts
  • Unlocking all Master Arts simply requires using each character and fighting enemies.

Miscellaneous Achievements

A Helping Hand

  • Clear a Request

Those Who Heed The Call

  • Clear 50 requests
  • There’s a lot more than 50 requests, and you’ll most likely do them all if you want to 100% the game.

Short Order Cook

  • Cook for the first time

Master Chef

  • Cook 12 kinds of dishes
  • Make sure to visit the shops in each city to buy recipes. You can also get some recipes from talking to your team members, or doing requests.

Impulse Buyer

  • Purchase a limited item

A Little Memento

  • Get a Camper Van Interior Design
  • You can receive gifts by talking to your team members and doing their requests.

No Looking Back

  • Start a New Game + on Merciless difficulty
  • NG+ requires having beaten the Reaper first, you only need to start the game on Merciless difficulty to get this achievement.

True Phantom Thief

  • Earn all achievements

That would be all the achievements you need to complete 100% of the Steam achievements for Persona 5 Strikers. As mentioned in the intro, you need to be on the lookout for the two missable achievements. Other than that, the rest are doable and should not take up much of the time. There is an ongoing bug that is not enabling players to see the achievements altogether. if that is the case with you, you need to wait for a hotfix from the devs. NOTE: This is a common guide so wordings are similar. Viewer discretion is highly advised as mentioned earlier.

Do let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. If you require the images for the achievements, mention that in the comments also. I am also open to questions, general suggestions, and requests. Thanks for reading and I will see you with more P5S guides. Adios!

Last Updated on April 4, 2021

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