Phasmophobia | Brownstone High School All Locations Map

By reading this guide you can find out all important locations of cameras, keys, sinks, Ouija board of Brownstone High School in Phasmophobia. Check this out!

Phasmophobia: Brownstone High School Cameras, Keys, Sinks, Ouija Board Locations

Brownstone High School

This is the Version 1 of Bronwstone High School map with camera and item locations.
The map rotation is by 180°. Bugs in game have been fixed on the map:
  • We denote classrooms as CR. They have the same number as the CR below them.
  • We can call 2nd Floor as First Floor Now.
  • There is a second CR 8, which has been renamed to CR 18 because 18 was missing.
  • On the second floor the in-game map shows the two big halls as separate rooms which is false.
Open the image in new tab for better view.

We would be happy to know if this helps you. Please leave a comment. Aloha!

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Credits to TomMaverick

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