Phasmophobia | How To Escape From Ghosts Guide

For Phasmophobia players if you need a quick and easy way to escape from any ghost during the game then follow this strategy guide. When the ghost is hunting you, it is best to escape, otherwise you could be killed. Follow this guide to know more!

Phasmophobia: How To Escape From Any Ghost Anytime

Unhinge The Door Completely

If you are trying to escape from the house and find that the front door is locked, you will be killed. So why not use another mate in the game to completely take off the door from its hinges? That way you are free to leave the house anytime you like. Ghosts won’t hunt you outside.

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Use Items To Lure Ghosts

You can use the owner’s items inside the house to your advantage. Everyday items like laptops, teddy bears etc. can be used to lure the ghosts. Most players use this to take photos of the ghost. That way you can also have fun with your loot!

You can use these two tricks to successfully evade ghosts from hunting you. For more such tricks and tips follow our page. Happy Hunting!

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