Phasmophobia | How To Kill/Hunt a Ghost

For Phasmophobia players this guide answers the all-important question, how to kill or hunt a ghost? If you need to find out the answer, then read these steps carefully. We hope that we can help your game.

Phasmophobia: How To Kill/Hunt a Ghost Answered

Please read all the steps carefully

1. You will need to find a weapon in the location you are in. A blunt or sharp object will work just fine. You can also bring your own weapon.

2. Find where the ghost is located. It is important to have a weapon first so the ghost does not take you by surprise and ambush you.

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3. Ask the ghost to reveal themselves or show a sign. You need the ghost to come out but don’t let them know you are armed. Most ghosts will never think that you will attack them. This is your advantage and use it wisely.

4. Launch attack. Once the ghost is out you must attack quickly using all your strength. If done correctly you will have landed a few hits. The ghost will either be dead or almost dead. If the ghost is weak they won’t be able to hide anymore. This is when you can execute the ghost.

5. After the ghost is dead you must leave ASAP. You never know if their backup is coming. The last thing you want is multiple ghosts hunting you.

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Thank you for reading this guide. We hope it works for you. If you want to know more then follow our updates.

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