Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru | Guides, Tips and Tricks

Short and simple beginners guide to get started with the game



This guide is designed to help you learn some of the basic mechanics, that are not explained in the game.

We will continue to update this guide as we find out more about the game and its mechanics.


Movement :


Double Jump (will flip on second jump)
Wall Run: press up when in contact with wall (can be chained)
Lie Down (used for stealth in grass/darkness)
Guard (blocks bladed weapons, front and back, does not block projectiles/fists)
Decapitate (attack Enemy while unseen from slightly above)
Downward Strike (Hold Down while in air, then Attack)


Assassinate: hold guard while contacting enemy (unseen)
Dash: double tap left/right (keyboard only) LB/RB (can be used while holding guard for dash assassination)
Dash Attack: dash, then a split second later press attack
Double Dash Attack: after dash attack press left/right (can change direction after first attack)
Running Attack: hold direction then attack (will do double damage after 1 second, can decapitate at full speed)
Flip Attack: double jump then attack (great for enemies on edge of ledges)


Weapons :

NOTE: Currently there is only one weapon unlocked in the game. These are my inerpretations, from reading the descriptions in the Skill Tree.

ShinobiGatana: Short sword. Up to 4 hit combo. Small stun if blocked

Katana: Two-handed sword. Up to 3 hit combo. Slow attack, no stun if blocked.

KusariGama: Chain and Sickle. Short or Long range, switch attack distance by holding block.

TaiJutsu: Bare Hands. Up to 4 hit combo. No blocking, but can dodge and counter attack. Chance of 1 hit kills.



SHIRUKEN (Bronze, Silver, Black)

Shiruken are inaccurate until Skill tree is used to gain accuracy. After second Skill, they are very useful to break defences. Poison tipped Shiruken are useful againste bosses for damage over time.

Black Shiruken do the most damage.

BOMBS (Smooth, Holes, Segmented, Kanji A, Kanji =,Kanji Pi)

NOTE: Bombs are color coded for effects. White: Smoke, Green: Weak Fire, Black: Weak Explosive, Red: Strong Explosive, Dark Grey: Fire Damage, Maroon: Extended Fire Damage.

w/ Fuse (Crafted w/ Wick) Explodes after 2 seconds – Ball w/ Fuse

Impact (Crafted w/ Impact Fuse) Explodes on impact – Ball, no Fuse

Mines (Crafted w/ Mine Casing)

Holes: Any Explosive with holes will stun Enemys with a flash of light.

Segmented: These Explode with force. Will send Emenies flying.

Kanji A: Fire Damage over time. (A means Triangular Kanji)

Kanji =: Greem Poison Gas (= means horizontal lines Kanji)

Kanji Pi: Fast poison damage (will kill any enemy very quickly if exposed to purple gas)


Skill Tree :

NOTES: You must return to the Dojo to spend Skill Points. Some of the skill tree is currently locked.


Assassination: Hold Block button while making contact with an un-alerted enemy, from behind/below/above (If you enter the enemy’s line of sight you will lose the ability to assassinate)
If you Dash while holding Block, you can still perform Assassination

Dash: LB (dash Left) RB (dash Right) Keyboard: Double Tap direction (The description for this in game is wrong for controller)

Dash Attack:
Dash, then press Attack a split second later.

Double Dash Attack: Perform Dash Attack, then immediately press left or right. (You can change directions on second attack)

Running Attack: Move in direction (1 sec.) then attack for extra damage.

Flip Attack: Double jump, then press Attack while flipping. (This move is good for Alerted enemies on the edge of cliff)

Shinobigatana: Adds an extra swing to attack chain (3 + 1) The description in game for this is confusing, due to other weapons not being available at this time.

shiruken accuracy 1,2,3 (GREAT FOR INTERRUPTING GUARD)
quiet footsteps
safe landmines
vitality 1,2 (+30hp)
resist, curse, fire

(most locked skills are for alternate weapons)


Basic Crafting :

triton, lizard light brown
peach seeds, 2 large seeds
puffer fish, grey, white belly
poisonous mushroom, thin white
healing mushroom, large top greenish brown


incendiary powder, yellow rounded (niter, brimstone, realgar, honey?)
flash powder, white, rounded (niter, sugar, brimstone)
primitive powder, dark green, rounded (niter, poisonous herd, brimstone)
black powder, dark grey, pyramid (niter, charcoal, brimstone)
fire black powder, grey, rounded (2 niter, brimstone, charcoal)
smokey black powder, dark black with grey specks, rounded (2 charcoal, niter, brimstone)
explosive black powder, dark grey, pellets (2 brimstone, niter, charcoal)
sugar, white, pyramid (
honey, hourglass pot w/lid
phosphorus, red, pyramid
salt, light green, pyramid
smoke powder, light grey rounded (niter, sugar, charcoal)


slow death, purple skull, white bottle bulb w/ neck (snake)
poisonous powder slow death, grey mortar and pestle to right (arsenic, poisonous herb)
poisonous powder, yellow/orange two peaks (plum seeds, peach seeds)
soporific powder, brown w/green mortar and pestle to left (snake, triton, poisonous herb)
paralytic poison, white bottle w/ stopper (frog, puffer fish)
madness poison, white bottle w/ stopper/kanji (poisonous mushroom, frog)


steel poor quality, light orange, left to right
steel, silver, right to left
legendary steel, thick, silver, left to right

empty sphere, grey, pokiball
wick, coil of rope light brown two ends pointed down (rag, sugar, niter)
rag, wavy, light brown, sun chip
metal shavings, light brown, broken glass
wooden plank, duh
blade, dark grey, boomerang shape
bamboo, green pipe
chain, black, lasso
mines housing, light grey, puck
hook, silver, vampire teeth


kunren shiriken, light orange 4 sided (steel poor quality) skill unlock
kunren kana, dagger red ribbon (2 steel poor quality)
happo shaken, silver, 8 sided (steel) skill unlock
juju shaken, (steel) skill unlock
poisonous juju shaken, (juju shaken, slow death)
deadly juju shaken, (juju shaken, ? black bottle white skull, long neck)
fire juju shaken, (2 juju shaken, incendiary powder, rag)
explosive juju shaken, (juju shaken, wick, rag, explosive black powder)
senban, black 4 square
juji, black 4 sided cross
destructive impact bomb, black w/ white skull

(if you consume more than you need you will continue healing after being hit)
health potion +30hp, jug w/ stopper (healing herbs, healing mushroom)
health potion +100, blue and white box w/ grey cord (2 healing herbs, healing mushroom, torikabuto)


impact fuse, brown, pouch of gold (rag, brimstone, phosphorus)


Enemies (In Oder of Appearance)


Can not harm you if Blocking.

Rock Tosser

You can not block rocks.


You can not hurt him when sward is raised. Voulnerable when sword is lowered, but will shoulder bash, if you try to dash through him.

Kung Fu Man

Attack agressively as soon as he sees you. Much faster than other enemies. Do not get cornered. Can not block.


Can track you from off the map. Will push you if you get too close.

Pike Man

Weak to Dash Attack


Trows Bombs, will set explosives on death if not Assassinated.

Armored Samurai

Vulnerable when sword is raised. Can deflect Siruken.


Will respawn unless Assassinated/Beheaded. Assassination will cancel poison gas.


Boss Tactics :

NOTES: All bosses are vulnerable to Poison/Fire. If you have any items that will apply these forms of damage, imediately use one at the start of the fight.

SAKE DEMON: This is the newest and first Boss (patch
NOTE: If you see him Drinking to Heal, imediately do a Dash Attack to interrupt.

1. Mele Slash: Full hit chain -50hp. Cannot be Dashed through!
2. Grenade Rain: -60hp per grenade. Timed explosions, can be walked/dashed over beforehand.
3. Sake Spray: -40hp Fire Damage over time.

Will heal himself when drinking from bottle, can be hit 3 times if close enough or interrupt with projectile.

Tactics: Watch for him to drink from his bottle, this is when he is most voulnerable.

Grenade Rain: Avoid explosions, if you can get him to land in explosions he will loose half health (might be a glitch)

Melee Slash: Stay just out of range, he will do 3 of these attacks in a row, then attemp to heal. You can either Dash attack to interupt, or if close, hit him up to 3 times.

Sake Spray: When at half health, he will alternate between Mele Slash, and Sake Spray. Stay out of range of Mele, then dash through sake before it ignites and attack.

NOTE: Can deflect first projectile with sword, second will usually hit.


Counter Slash: He will block you first attack then quickly Counter (Vulnerable for a split second, but is not stunned from taking damage)

Jump Attack: Upward swing when you jump over him (Vulnerable after)


He is very fast and will Dash towards you to try and close any distance. Keep your distance Dashing away (drop Mines if available), then dash overhead to bait Jump Attack. If you land close to him, you can hit him twice, then dash away. If you land a Shiruken, Dash Attack right away, then Guard.



Healing Items
Healing potions stack (might wear off over time), so you can effectively have as many life bars as you want, but you heal over time. So you will need to get to safty in order to allow health to refill (does not carry over at check points)

Change Map
If you are having trouble with the layout of a level, quit the game and re-launch it. This will change the basic structure of the level.

There is always a little area behind where you spawn at the begining of a level. Sometimes there are chests in this area.

Usually 2 per level (sometimes 3). Once you trigger one, the other will reignite. You can use this to chain them back and forth to clear out later levels.

Throwing Stars
Use Sirukens to interrupt Enemy’s guard, then attack (helps a LOT with sward weilding enemies). Upgrading the Shiruken Skills will give you a chance to reuse them, and they will miss less often. Green tipped Shiruken apply poison for damage over time.

W/ Fuse: Timed Explosion (caft w/ wick)
No Fuse: Explode on Impact (craft w/ Impact Fuse)
Mine: Explode when Touched

Once unlocked, you can kill any enemy by touching them while holding Block (if unaware) this can be combined with Dash.


post credits : d-lux


And that will conclude this quick beginners guide to go about playing this game with a few tips and tricks also.


thats all friends!

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