Planetside 2 Free Codes 2019 Working So Far

Free Codes which still work in Planetside 2 2019

“A massive multiplayer FPS” – this is what comes in mind when you think of Planetside 2. People all over the world have shown their affection to this game and they still like it very much. All packed in spectacular and eye catching details.

Now with that being said, The veterans as well the new players have an eye out for some free working codes for this game. Lets face it! free codes which work for such a game at this point of time namely 2019, is very demanding amongst its players. So in this post we will list some of the free codes that Planetside 2 has to offer.

These still work and have been tested dating : 17.05.2019. So keep on reading as they will mostly work for the readers too. Please note that some of the codes may not work and it is totally possible. But as tested so far its working with most of the players.


How to use the free codes in Planetside 2?

First go In-game, and then press the “ESC” button and then click on the “Cart” icon, then click on “Redeem Code” and type in the code there. Here is an illustrative picture:


Planetside 2 Free Codes List for 2019 With Images and description:




PSUARMORDECAL : This code unlocks a PSU themed armor decal.
PSUVEHICLEDECAL : This code unlocks a PSU themed vehicle decal.





5YEARSPS2 : This code unlocks a special Planetside 2 decal regarding its 5th anniversary ( works for both vehicles and armor).





6YEARSPS2 : This code unlocks a special PlanetSide 2 regarding the game’s 6th anniversary (works for vehicles,armor and weapons).

The NSX-P Naginata LMG:






NSOPS2019 : This code unlocks a weapon.

The NSX Tengu :



NOTE : The below code will work for only ONE CHARACTER, so choose wisely!



PS2WelcomeBack : This code unlocks a weapon called the NSX Tanto, resource and experience boost – 1 Hour and also a platinum NS helmet. As show below:

Resource and XP boost Planetside 2 free code

The NSX Tanto free code for Planetside 2

Planetside 2 free code for Platinum NS Helmet


That is all we had for the free loot codes in Planetside 2 which still work In-game. If any of these have worked for you then drop a comment down to let us know. You can also put us some free codes in the comments if you don’t find it in the listings above so that we can share it with the community.

that is all for this post!


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