Players Want A Weather System in V Rising

If you have been playing V Rising for some time now, you may have figured out how the Day/Night System works in the game. And these two factors affect the gameplay of players a lot. Sun will burn you crisp if not careful and Night time is great for going out!

Well, that is a quite unique mechanics to have in the game, but as the community suggests, they want more from this already unique system of the environment. We will see the suggestions that players had to make, and also some great methods being suggested to the developers by certain players.

V Rising New Weather System In Demand

V Rising – Players raise the demand for a new Weather System

As I mentioned earlier, along with the cycling time of Day/Night where you would have to strategize your farm and rest time, a lot more is being suggested. These are the additional opinions that Reddit user u/Jason_Wolfe had to make:

To go into more detail, the weather would allow for a more unique experience by changing the way the days and night function when certain weather effects are active; for instance:

Rain blocks out the sun during the day and gives players extra resistance to fire while outside

Fog creates pockets of shade that makes it easier for players to get around during the day, and at night can be used to hide from enemy npcs and players.

New Moons would reduce the visibility for both players and npcs, not only would it make it easier to hide and slide past an enemy, but it’ll also make it harder for you to spot enemies that might be just around the corner.

Solar Eclipse would function as an inverse Blood Moon, it would block out the sun during the day, but your blood effects would be weakened and you would move slower

Jason has been playing the game since it came out and he has been at it for most of his time. According to Jason, these additions to the weather system, like rain, snow, fog, etc, would add more dynamic elements to the already loved game!

He also adds that there is also room for more in the day/night cycle. Examples would be phenomena like the full moon, new moon, solar eclipse, etc. I personally think, these are some great suggestive ideas made by him and as you will see from further Redditors, these are being appreciated a lot!

More Players Join in

Reddit user FangedFreak added:

These are fantastic ideas! I already love how temporary cloud cover helps during the day so these suggestions would fit perfectly!

To which user Geeked agreed and appreciated his additions.

Reddit user Classic_Struggle8718 also lets us know that the Mist Brazier is already in use. Still, an addition of a new Weather system would be more than welcomed by him and more players like him in the V Rising Community!

Personal Opinion

I have been playing the Early Access of V Rising for some time now, and I will also like to see such an addition being made by the developers, Stunlock Studios. The developers are quite active and are taking suggestions from players in an active fashion.

The Developers are also addressing the minor bugs and issues in the game, so I most likely think that they can consider such an addition. Whether or not such an addition will be made anytime soon in V Rising is a matter of “wait and watch”.

Let me know what you think about this news and whether or not you will also like to see a new Weather System being added to the Early Access or, the full version of V Rising. The Comment section welcomes your opinions.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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