Pokemon Scarlet And Violet (SV): When Does Pupitar Evolve Into Tyranitar

There are 103 new additions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to kickstart Generation 9. They have settled in nicely with the returning favorites, including Pupitar, which is the middle evolution between Larvitar and Tyranitar, a Rock/Dark-type. The final stage is a beast with a 6oo Base Stat and the ability to rampage through cities.

Nevertheless, evolving Pupitar into Tyranitar can be a complex task given the amount of EXP. Candy you will need or battling with it. Naturally, Tyranitar evolves at a high level, meaning you will have to grind on toward the beginning. In that regard, the following guide will help players get Pupitar and pave the way for reaching Tyranitar. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV): What level does Pupitar evolve into Tyranitar

Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar at Level 55, but it is not easy. You will have to use it during Gym battles and fighting Team Star. Additionally, you can give Pupitar the Lucky Egg, which you will receive as you progress along the Gym storyline.

It increases the EXP. Gained as any Pokemon holds it. As mentioned above, another way is to go after EXP. Candies you will collect from Tera Raid battles are a great source of leveling up since they have high rewards. 

You can also keep it in the party during Chansey outbreaks which is an excellent secondary option during the early phases of the game. You can reset your Nintendo Switch’s date through Settings to ensure you find the Pupitar during the outbreaks.

There is the option of using auto-battling, which can also enable you to search for TMs and other objects across Paldea. 

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Pupitar Location

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV): How to catch Pupitar

Players have to go after Larvitar, which can be done in the starting stages of the game in the Los Platos region. It evolves into Pupitar when it reaches Level 30. You can use rare candies or EXP Candies alongside using auto-battling but be mindful of their health. Of course, regular battles will give you more EXP, as is always the case. 

There are also locations where you can spawn Larvitar by using Sandwiches. Sandwiches of Level 3 will get you either Larvitar or Pupitar. It can be found around Alfornada Caverna and North Province Area Two.

It is also Pupitar around Area 6, but the level will be greater than the other places. It goes without mentioning that Larvitar is only found in Pokemon Scarlet, so Pokemon Violet players must trade. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need to get their hands on Tyranitar through Pupitar. It will be a bit of a grind, meaning you will have to keep close attention to what is happening.

Once you have Tyranitar, your journey across Paldea will get a lot easier during battles and fights, enabling you to become the best trainer in the land. 

Last Updated on January 7, 2023

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