Pokemon SV | How To Catch A Tinkatink Easily

The intriguing Fairy/Steel type Pokemon Tinkatink has recently been introduced to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet universe. This Pokemon will eventually become Tinkatuff at level 24 and attain its full potential as the potent Tinkaton at level 38 when you level it up. Do you wish to catch Tinkatink? If you’re having trouble finding the Tinkatink in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, don’t worry—this guide contains all the information you need to do so.

How To Capture Tinkatink Easily In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Tinkatink, who is only a few inches tall, has impressive statistics. And that’s just the base version! The enormous power Tinkatuff and Tinkaton will possess when they evolve will be unmatched by anything you’ve ever seen. You must start your journey in Area One of the West Province and look for the Watchtower there if you want to learn more about the magical world of Tinkatink.

Tinkatink Location

Take some time to investigate the area after you get to your destination until you come across the ruins. As you move through the neighborhood, you will pass the school, which is on its western side and is close to where Tinkatink is located.

Be ready to pull out your Poke balls and begin capturing the elusive Tinkatink as soon as you spot it! You’ll quickly find yourself adding this unique monster to your collection with quick reactions and a little luck. Tinkatink can also be found in other places, like South Province Area Two, hidden inside some ruins.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can additionally search for Tinkatink at the following locations: Asado Desert, East Province Area Two, South Province Area Four & South Province Area Three. 

Tinkatink Stats

Base StatsValueRank
Level 50 StatsMax0Nat0EV-NatMin

Tinkatink: About

Tinkatink is a diminutive, pink, human-like Pokémon with stumpy, toeless feet and relatively huge arms compared to the rest of its body. It features a body that resembles a pyramidal diamond-shaped steel plate, and its arms have three fingers each. Silver eyes, pale pink rings on the cheeks, and a mouth with a growth that resembles square teeth on the bottom lip are all features of its skull.

Above its eyes, it has sparse eyelashes or eyebrows that give it a continuously troubled look. A pale pink cap with a white protrusion that resembles knotted hair sits above its head. A rough, gray, cylindrical hammer with a short, rattle-like handle is carried by Tinkatink. Using leftover iron, it forges its own hammer, refining it as often as necessary until it is content.

The hammer is used by Tinkatink to defend itself. The hammer is frequently taken, though, and consumed by Pokémon that thrive on metal. Around Paldea, Tinkatink can be found in various ruins. Megumi Mizutani created the tinkatink and its evolutionary relatives. Only Tinkatink has a basic stat total of 297 among all Pokémon.

Tinkatink may have been influenced by duendes, gnomes, or dwarfs, the latter of which is frequently portrayed forging and utilizing iron tools and weapons, given its type combination and size. Additionally, it resembles a child holding a rattle. 

Last Updated on January 12, 2023

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