Pokemon SV – How To Train Koraidon For Tera Raid

This is my guide on training Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It has the best build for Raid. Check out the Collision Course training guidelines, effort values, suggested abilities, and what to bring.

How To Use Koraidon In Difficult Raids: Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Koraidon is balanced because both his attack and defensive base numbers are high. It might support who has access to spells that weaken adversaries by inflicting debuffs.

Best Used In High Difficulty Raids

It has Screech, a helpful ability that immediately decreases the enemy’s protection on the first round before frequently using Drain Punch on future turns. In addition to dealing damage, Drain Punch may also recharge some of Koraidon’s HP, making it challenging to defeat.

Area Zero

You can purchase the second Koraidon at Area Zero during post-game. Additionally, since Individual Value & Nature are both fixed, no additional rolls are required when selecting.

How To Train Koraidon

In raids, where time is of the essence, death is undesirable since respawning takes time. It is advised to give HP precedence over Speed. Increase both HP and Attack to 252. Defense and special defense, in the meantime, increase naturally; therefore, it is acceptable to concentrate on other metrics.

Increasing Effort Value

Although it costs $500,000, purchasing vitamins from stores is the fastest way to increase the effort value if you have the money. Do this as you wish to. Chansey Supply sells vitamins, while Casseroya Lake’s glitters are where you can get feathers.

When you catch or beat a wild Pokemon, you can increase the Effort Value of that Pokemon by 1-3. If you have the cash, it is advised to purchase this since you can boost it by eight by using a Power Item, which costs $10,000 each. 

Using Exp Candy

By completing 5–6 Tera Raids, you can earn Exp. candy. If you are concentrating on your Pokemon Team one by one, increasing a Pokemon’s Lv to the highest level is terrific. It is advised to look for Chansey at North Province Area Three until you have enough candies to grow a Pokemon to Lv 100 if you don’t have enough candy.

To maximize a Pokemon’s value, including its HP, DEF, and SP. DEF, use the bottle cap. Bottle Caps are available from the NPC nearby Montenevera’s Pokemon Center.

How To Use Koraidon

It’s critical to avoid becoming stunned or debuffed during raids. Screech & Drain Punch are basic moves, whereas Collision Course can be employed in certain circumstances. It can reduce a Pokemon’s DEF.

If one of your teammates ever used Screech, you can use Swords Dance to enhance damage instead. Use Collision Course frequently if you are up against a Pokemon that is vulnerable to it. While waiting, if the adversary is resistant, use Drain Punch repeatedly until it falls unconscious.

Every time you use Cheer, the time is reduced if one of your companions faints. Use Heal Up as often as you can. That’s all I have for now. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading my guide on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I will be back with more, so do keep an eye out. Have a nice day!

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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