Pokemon Sword and Shield: Toxic Orb Location

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the toxic orb is an elusive item to find. Knowing the location and how to get it can make your time in the game more enjoyable and easy. And several players are looking for it after the latest update of The Isle Of Armor DLC. We aim to do exactly that by showing the map location for Toxic orb and how to get there.

Toxic Orb Map Location in Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • Pick the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters and Head to the Tower.
  • The Location is the Stepping-Stone Sea.
  • Here is the exact map location for Toxic Orb:

toxic orb location in pokemon sword and shield

  • The area where you want to go, is marked with a red square as shown in the image above.

How to get to the Toxic Orb

  • When you reach the end of the beach at the location shown below, spawn your Bicycle and Keep heading straight.

how to get to toxic orb pokemon sword and shield

  • This place is located beside a Tree. First, mark the tree, then start going in the water towards its left.
  • After about midway, going straight, you should see a small strip of island.
  • The island will have a Boulder towards its left:

how to get to toxic orb pokemon sword and shield 1

  • Simply get on the island, and in front of the Boulder rock, you should find the Toxic Orb.
  • The Orb looks exactly like a Pokeball.
  • Interact with it to pick it up, and you are all done. The Toxic Orb will now be yours!

how to get to toxic orb pokemon sword and shield 2

The description of Toxic Orb reads “An item to be held by a Pokemon. It’s a bizarre orb that will badly poison the holder during battle.” So use it wisely during a battle. With that, we shall conclude this guide on getting the Toxic Orb in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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