Port Royale 4 Warehouse Guides, Tips, and Tricks

Port Royale 4 warehouse guides

Wondering how to properly use warehouses in Port Royale 4? In this Guides, tips, and tricks post, we aim to resolve it. It can be frustrating that you can’t sell and unload into the warehouse at the same time. This walkthrough will help you on, how to utilize your warehouses. Note that this is not an in-depth guide about utilization and maximizing trade routes and warehouses. This consists what the game doesn’t show you how to actually use warehouses.

Complete Warehouse Guides, Tips, and Tricks for Port Royale 4

Types/Modes of Warehouses

There are two modes for warehouses in Port Royale 4: Optional and Mandatory

  • Optional denotes that you can build businesses without building a warehouse. Businesses will sell their commodities to the town. When you do build a warehouse, you do not need to hire an administrator to sell commodities.
  • Mandatory means you must build a warehouse before you can construct anything in the town, even town infrastructure.
  • Regardless of the mode you choose, in order to trade with the town through your warehouse, you must hire an Administrator on the Trade tab.
  • After Hiring an administrator, you will see the graphs change in your Overviews Tab.

There are 3 types of warehouses:

  • T1 (Small Warehouse) holds 5,000 items and costs 250 gold/day. The Administrator costs an additional 250 gold/day
  • T2 (Warehouse) holds 10,000 items and costs 500 gold/day. The Administrator costs an additional 500 gold/day
  • T3 (Large Warehouse) holds 20,000 items and costs 1,000 gold/day. The Administrator costs an additional 1,000 gold/day

How to Open Warehouse Management Tab

You can click on the warehouse in your town to manage it. In case you skipped the tutorial, Only your businesses will send commodities to your warehouse. If you don’t have any businesses then your warehouse is not very useful. However, you can use it to unload commodities from your trade routes

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The Graphs

On the left side of this tab we have 3 graphs that are pretty insightful. The top graph is the “Percentage of space used” in your warehouse over the last 30 days. It’s good for an indication of when you need to upgrade your warehouse to the next level.

The second graph, “Mean Reception”, is how many items were dropped off in your warehouse by ships on your trade routes and items deposited by your businesses over the last 30 days.

The third graph, “Mean Provision” shows how many items were picked up from your warehouse by convoys on your trade routes, or sent to your businesses over the last 30 days.

Values and Options Panel
  • Current usage and capacity (3086 / 10000) is self explanatory
  • Mean Daily Reception and Provision is just the graphs, but in daily form.
  • Costs per day is just the warehouse base cost plus the administrator, if you have one. Balance per day takes into account the sale of items to the town minus the cost of holding the items there.
  • The next 4 options are regarding commodities in this warehouse, and they overrule anything else set up in the next 2 tabs.

The Commodities tab

You have all of the commodities down the left side, and the columns left to right are thus: Stock in your warehouse, Daily Production, Allow your businesses to put items in the warehouse, allow your warehouse to give materials to your businesses for production, Allow your trade routes to drop off this commodity into your warehouse, and Allow trade routes to take this commodity from your warehouse.

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The Trade Tab

This is the most important part of the warehouse. This is where you can set your warehouse to buy or sell from the town excess commodities.

When you first open the Trade tab you will need to hire an Administrator. He costs the same as the warehouse. Once you hire him, none of the boxes will be checked off. The check box allows the warehouse to trade the commodity. If you uncheck the box, the commodity will sit there until someone picks it up, or you manually sell it to the town.

Now the tab is in 2 sections, buying goods from the town on the left, and selling goods to the town on the right. Hard rule for Port Royale 4 is you are not allowed to buy items for less than 80% of their unit cost, and you cannot sell for more than 160% of their unit cost. This is to prevent your warehouse from clearing out the town. You can still manually do this yourself in the city trade window.

Each section has two columns, Stock Level, and Price. In the left section, the Stock Level is how much you want the warehouse to keep in its stock. If the stock falls below this number, it will then attempt to buy from the town until the cost exceeds the price you set in the right column. This is where you can buy from town and load to ships in your trade route setup.

The Right section is the exact opposite. The left column tells the warehouse to sell to the town until the stock falls to that level, as long as the sale price is above your desired price. This is great for selling off excess production. Another utilization is to build a warehouse in your viceroy capital and set this up to sell to the city. That way you can maximize your fame points without selling at a loss.

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Last part is the very top row. This is to set all stock levels and all prices (as a percentage of the unit cost) at one time.

Warehouse Guides, Tips, and Tricks
  • We advise playing on the ‘Optional’ setting for a bit before moving to the ‘Mandatory’ setting, at least until you get the hang of warehouses and utilizing them in your trade routes and production chains
  • You most likely will not need a larger warehouse than T1 for a long time.
  • You should probably hire the administrator. Without the administrator, your businesses will only sell to the town once the warehouse is full. That’s a lot of product sitting in your warehouse losing you money. The administrator will be worth his pay. Remember, you probably don’t need anything more than a T1 warehouse for a long time.
  • One of the suggested uses of warehouses, right from the game’s tips & tricks, is to utilize them in a Star distribution. That just means you have a central warehouse that you dump lots of stuff too, and then start your major trade routes from there by picking up commodities to sell. This is a later game idea when you have lots of production chains set up, and is great for regional distribution. Some Examples are:
    • Gulf of Mexico
    • East coast Florida, Bahamas and Turks
    • Cuba, Central America, Jamaica, Haiti
    • Dominican Republic, Antilles, South America to Nicaragua

That is all we are sharing for this comprehensive guide on Warehouses in Port Royale 4. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the post. Thanks for Reading and we will see you soon!

Credit to Rabid Puma

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