RAID: Shadow Legends | Best Strategy For Scarab King

Israeli game company Plarium Games created and released the free-to-play mobile title Raid: Shadow Legends. A Port to PC was made available on January 21, 2020.

In today’s guide, I am going to talk about a few different strategies that seem to work very well against the Scarab King in Raid: Shadow Legends. Do check out below and let me know after trying it out.


Best Strategies To Handle The Scarab King In Raid: Shadow Legends


I simply wanted to share what has worked for me in case you are a free-to-play gamer like me and are having trouble with Scarab King. Until now, I had never defeated the Scarab King on his second degree of difficulty in the doomed tower.

When it comes to the Scarab King, Helicath is a god. Since he is an extremely powerful champion, I’m going to assume that many players fused him. Scarab King’s A1 entirely disregards his shield. And you can get around his entire damage reduction system.

  • In the event that you do attempt to prevent a provoked loop, his A2 produces a shield. Together with Scyl and Helicath, I pretty much cheesed it.
  • He was being steadily worn down by Helicath as Scyl supplied passive healing.
  • Despite getting caught in a terrible loop, both champions were nevertheless having full lives at the time.
  • I merely wanted to write it in case it could be helpful to someone.

Shield Rings

Alternatively, you might throw someone with a powerful A1 or a blood shield ring on them. I pulled a Rotos so when he procs the extra turn he does the max HP.

  • This boss may be defeated by joining a clan and performing CVC because of the shield rings.
  • Shield rings from CVC make it simple if your CB squad is level 60 and maxed with masteries.


The Scarab King doesn’t have a lot of HP or deal a lot of damage. He uses his shield and debuffs to render your team into meatloaf. You can essentially ignore his debuffs if you build up your resist a little and have a strong resist lead (or down accuracy champion).

  • If it doesn’t work, you can just outheal him because resistance isn’t usually helpful or simple to gain early in the game.
  • Scyl, Jareg, and Vrask are excellent choices for this.
  • Doompriest and other individuals that heal when attacked, in my opinion (Mistress of Hymns or Draconis might also work).


With an unbooked templar using regen+immortal gear, I first defeated the Scarab King. Anyone who can solo Bommal (Samar Gemcursed, Templar, Captain Temila, Helicath) can solo the Scarab King with ease.

Of course, if you have blood shield rings for dark elves or members of the sacred order, you can just equip them with Armiger/Cold Heart gear and watch the “king” melt.

  • For every champion, use one blood shield accessory.
  • If I want to farm Scarab, I can either put my Armiger in Destroy or, if I don’t mind a drawn-out battle, I can leave him in ordinary gear.
  • My team has no shielders.
  • You can also attempt to obtain Urost on your own because doing so is unquestionably simpler than fusing Helicath/s.
  • On my RG, I used response accessories from Scyl and Yannicaon in Destroy gear.
  • The run time was 2.5 minutes.

As you see there is not one but many strategies you can use to defeat the Scarab Boss. Try them out in your gameplay and let me know which one works best for you.

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

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