Ratropolis | How To Get Under The Shade Achievement

What’s up guys? Today we will discuss how to get the Under The Shade Achievement in massively popular indie game Ratropolis. The key to this achievement is achieving victory with only a total of four walls. The entire guide has been sub-divided into three parts: For Early Game, For Mid Game and For End Game for better clarity. Do check this out!

How To Unlock Under The Shade Achievement for Ratropolis

For Early Game

You can use these settings if you want. These might be useful.

  1. All other leader cards should be locked. (This is to increase the chances of getting the cards you want)
  2. Always run desert and not coast map because the enemies like to bomb your buildings. This will help you to survive.
  3. Also, use the builder leader who will help you to upgrade whatever buildings you have in this run

Your focus should be on two things: building an economy and building defenses. You will require the following buildings to get you started: Market, Farm(Upgrade this first) and Tavern. Additionally you may also build these(optional): Watchtower, Builder’s Guild. Initially your focus should be on increasing your builder leader level and collecting as many Ephemeral cards as possible. You must get the tavern and watchtower so that you can duplicate the cards. You can also utilize the builder’s guild to multiply and strengthen your towers simultaneously in the game. The four tower defense system should ideally work at least till the 20th round after which the mid game pushers will take over. Do try to get these skill cards to get you through this: Demolish, Focus fire and Repair. This should be a good enough start for you and now let us move on to the Mid Game hypothesis.

For Mid Game

Here you will need a stroke of luck because if the cards don’t fall right you may die. You need to use the taverns and the builder’s guild to make your towers strong to survive enemy waves. Go through the market and merchant screens to find shooting galleries. It is recommended to leave at least four spaces open so that you can use it as soon as you get it. Remember to duplicate the cards before you place them. Immediately after that use the builder’s guild to upgrade it. This is to ensure that your four tower defense structure can survive enemy waves after level 20. Supplement this by using your Volley card. Use the demolish card to place down the extra shooting gallery after you have upgraded and duplicated the original. For best results we recommend you duplicate it again to get the most out of it.

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For End Game

An ideal town should be something similar to this:

You need to have a strong defense on either side. And also to boost defense you will need a few shooting galleries. Be sure to replace dead troops and use your skill cards wisely. You can also have a building where you can keep soldiers to fend off enemy attacks. Duck riders, guardians and longsword rats can be extremely handy for this. You can buy time for your towers to keep off enemies by using slingers who are can stun enemies.

We hope that you found this guide useful. We recommend you use towers effectively to get an edge in the game. And that is how you complete the Under The Shade Achievement for Ratropolis! Let us know your thoughts on this brilliantly fun game. We hope you had fun reading this guide just as we did compiling it. Thank you!

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