Ratropolis | How To Survive Wave 30+

This guide will provide you with some example builds that can clear wave 30 in the game Ratropolis. If you read through this guide thoroughly and follow the instructions given, you can easily clear wave 30+. We have prepared this guide in a simple but meticulous manner so as to leave out no valuable details. Check this out!

How To Clear Wave 30+ In Ratropolis

Why You Die After Wave 20+

First of all, you need to know why most people cannot survive after wave 20+. The difficulty of the game seems to increase in a geometric progression. That is you feel like wave 1-10 are like a walk in the park, wave 11-20 is still manageable for you. The trouble starts after wave 20 when the game seems to become much harder. After wave 20, each normal enemy will have roughly the same health and attack as a rare unit like a berserker or armored knight, along with special abilities like AOE attack, fire attack, and projectile defense. This means that your army will be blown away like chaff before the wind if you face them. Even if you do survive, you will be stuck rebuilding your army only to face even stronger enemies. So it is inevitable that you should have a look at some other strategies to deal with them.

Scaling Up The Economy

Gold baybay gold! That’s right. That’s how the work gets done around here. For everything in this game, you need gold and even more gold! Starting from buying new cards to building units to building buildings, using skills, using level 2 cards, and even getting more gold. You need gold! So you get it by now that to survive in this game you need either a constant flow or a huge amount of gold. How best to get it? Herein lies our answer:

Tips and Tricks
  1. Play as merchant leader. This is literally the best way in the game to make money! Merchant leader works best when you have a large bank and high leader level early. You’ll need to be aware of where and when you spend your gold relative to your ability cooldown. Card draw is your greatest ally
  2. Mining. Mining looks good on paper but is, by itself, a horrible and slow card. However, the best part about Mining is that Mining increases not only its worth but also any other Mining card you have in your deck. This means the more Mining cards you have, the faster you will be able to scale up. Mining scales significantly faster if you have smaller decks.
  3. Farm and Granary. The farm is a straightforward card. A granary will multiply the gold from the farm. You need a lot of base space and tavern, but it’s the only way so far to gain a good amount of gold without economy cards.
  4. Investment. This card can be both a run-saver and a run-killer. Before playing investment, you have to make sure you have some sizable amount of gold you can gain right away e.g. farm, low-cost economy cards, bounty multiplier currently in play, etc. Also, investment works best if you have a festival!
  5. Relic is another interesting card. Relic will only work if 1) you have multiple smithies running, or 2) you have multiple monasteries with cleric advisor (upgrade a random card when a card is removed). Research may work, but it’s quite slow. If you decide to go with Relic, Relic is the first card you want to upgrade since Relic counts itself.
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Upgrading Your Army

After wave 20 you will find that you need a bigger army to survive. Here are a few ways to build a bigger unit:

  1. Try to get better units. The two ultimate units in this game are the Royal Guard and Duck. We recommend you keep the baby form of these units in the inner walls so that they don’t die. Keep them healthy with Aid Station or First Aid. Deploy them along with multiple taverns in a combo, because these are single-use units. Upgrade them to level 2 as soon as you can.
  2. There’s a single-use skill card called a syringe, which increases the max HP of a single deployed unit. If you have multiple taverns running, you can make your unit huge and harder to kill.
  3. Use Re-Use and Arm properly. The arm is a simple skill card that gives a temporary buff to military cards in your hand. Re-Use is a skill card that makes the next skill card you use play multiple times. So, what you have to do is play Re-Use a couple of times, play Arm, and, BOOM!, you get a couple of super soldiers on the fields!
  4. Upgrade your barracks. Your barracks may have a long cooldown but it can make your troops stronger permanently. Upgrade your troops in these barracks so you can survive the final waves. There are a few cards like Visit that will allow you to use Barrack more often, but there’s one card in particular that will be extremely useful: Labor Command. You can quickly upgrade your units over and over again as long as you keep multiple Labor Commands in effect. You may also realize by now that you don’t need multiple Labor Command cards if you have Specialize or Re-Use.

This is all you need to do literally for surviving wave 30+. If you read this guide thoroughly you will be able to make it in this game. Thank you for your patience and do come back for more such guides and gaming tips. Have a nice day!

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