Ravenfield | Conquest Mode guide (Cheat codes and Editing Hack)

A guide on how to edit the game files of Ravenfield

This guide will not involve any injection or active hacks. All it is about is editing the conquest game files. It is intended to have fun with the game, and you shall do this at your own risk. Cheat codes and secret weapon locations can be found here.

1. Finding the save file

It’s the easiest part, go to,


Another way of going there is hitting Win+R and typing %appdata%, once there go back one folder and you should see LocalLow there, the rest should be easy.

Inside the “Saves” folder, there should be a file called “autosave.xml”, that’s the file we need.
autosave.xml file

Go ahead and open it with either WordPad or Notepad++.

2. Basics of the save file

There are a couple of values you need to know before starting to edit the file.

2.1 <LevelState>

This contains the stats of all 20 tiles on the map.


  • <objectName>: This is the name of the tile, don’t change it unless you want to break the game.


  • <owner>: This defines the owner of the tile. Eagle is 0 and Raven is 1 if you want to control all tiles, set every number next to each <owner> to 0.


  • <battalions>: This sets how many battalions are on the tile. The max value it can have is 3, put more and the game will most likely crash. The color of the battalions depends on the <owner> value.


  • <tappedBattalions>: This defines how many battalions are selected for moves. Do NOT change this value!

2.2 <ConquestTeamResources>

This defines the resources of both teams. There are 2 of these, the first one is for Eagles and the other one is for Ravens.


  • <resourceGain>: This is how many resource values the team will gain in the next turn, you can play with this value but it’s a hit or miss, it sometimes doesn’t work. The resource types are shown here:


  • <availableResources>: This is the current amount of resources the team has. The resource types are the same as before. This is most likely what you want to change

3. Editing

Make sure the game is closed, otherwise it won’t work.

The process is easy, just change the values you want to change, use the previous 2 parts above for guidance. After you’re done, save the file and open the game, the changes should apply when you press continue!

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