Red Dead Redemption 2 PC | Character Transfer?

Can we do character transfer in Red Dead Redemption 2 from PS4 to PC?

IF you have played a lot of RDR 2 on console and unlocked its riches, then you would obviously want to transfer all that progress to PC.


Can we actually do it?

The answer to this is, sadly, NO. You cannot transfer the character progress from PS4 to PC. All the PC owners of RDR2 need to start off fresh from level 1 and progress from thereafter.


So how do we make these easier?

The game developers have made somethings clear before the release. You can do these steps to make your progress faster and unlock exclusive Read dead online content for PC.

  • Connecting your social club account with your twitch prime account will grant you a free License of Bounty hunter.
  • A new Legendary Bounty has been added to the game called Edda Doyle.
  • Also, all those players who play RDR Online PC from the time of release to November 11, will be rewarded with a gift of 100$ for free with a free treasure map.
  • The above reward is platform-independent, so this can be claimed by PS4 and PC players alike.
  • Also, make sure to sign up with twitch prime to receive exclusive Red Dead Online content.


We were positive about the character progression transfer, but as it turns out, the developers want the old and the new players to start fresh from the same starting line.


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