Remnant: From the Ashes | Bosses and Items Guide

About the guide :

This guide breaks down where bosses and items can be found by worlds. The guide is created based on experience and a few sources like Reddit. We hope it acts as a useful way to obtain information regarding the game from the steam overlay.

Bosses By Worlds :

World bosses are bosses that you would encounter as you progress through the story. There are usually a few which would spawn alternatively, hence it is likely you have to re-roll at least a few times to be able to obtain all available drops from them.

Dungeon bosses are bosses that you would encounter in dungeons as you progress through the map. They are semi-optional as not all dungeon bosses are needed to progress through the story. However, it is recommended one explore the map to hunt these bosses for the unique rewards and experience.


  • Singe (World Boss)

Drops: Blazing Heart for crafting Spitfire (A smg-like secondary weapon that uses handgun ammo)

Or drop : Dragon Links for crafting Smoulder, a melee blade that sears your enemy! (This item requires you to destroy singe’s tail before defeating the boss)


  • The Ent (World Boss)


  • Shroud (Dungeon Boss)

  • Brabus (Dungeon Boss)

  • The Mangler (Dungeon Boss)

  • Gorefist (Dungeon Boss)


  • Totem Father (World Boss)

  • The Ravager (World Boss)

  • The Warden (Dungeon Boss)

  • Stormcaller (Dungeon Boss)

  • Scald & Spear (Dungeon Boss)

  • Onslaught (Dungeon Boss)

  • Root Horror (Dungeon Boss)

  • Blink Thief (Dungeon Boss)

  • The Re-Animator (Dungeon Boss)


To progress along in Rhom, you need to obtain a howling key from either Claviger or The Harrow. The howling key must be placed at the altar in between the burning pillars that are roasting the door of the undying king’s tomb. Upon reaching the tomb, you can decide if you want to fight or help the king. Either option would result in you obtaining the labyrinth key to be used in the labyrinth to progress in the story.

  • Undying King (World Boss)

NOTE: Choose to fight either of the bosses. Either option results in you obtaining the labyrinth key.
1) To fight: Reject helping him
If you choose to fight him, you would receive the undying heart to craft the Ruin (rifle) and also the Kingslayer Trait (+Crit Hit Dmg)

2) Avoid fight: Agree to bring him the heart of the beast (Ixillis)
If you choose to help him, you would have to defeat Ixillis on Corsus. As a reward, you would receive the Riven (melee weapon).


  • Claviger (World Boss)

  • The Harrow (World Boss)

  • Raze (Dungeon Boss)

  • Scourge (Dungeon Boss)

  • Maul (Dungeon Boss)

  • Alternate kill to obtain control rod for summoning ancient construct:
    headshot the hound master.

  • Ancient Contruct (Dungeon Boss)

  • Shade and Shatter (Dungeon Boss)


  • Ixillis (World Boss)

  • The Unclean One ( (World Boss)

  • The Thrall (Dungeon Boss)

  • Canker (Dungeon Boss)



Amulets in order of their respective worlds :

Name Description Location
Gunslinger's Charm Increases fire rate by 10% and reload speed by 20% Random location on Earth.
Leto's Amulet Reduces armor encumbrance by 40% and stamina cost by 10%. Random location on Earth.
Twisting Idol Increases armor effectiveness by 15%. Defeat the Wailing Tree on Earth.
Pocket Watch Increases stamina regen by 15 per second and reduces stamina cost by 15%. Exhaust Old Mudtooth's story dialogues. He can be found in a helicopter on Earth.
Brutal Mark Deals 15% extra damage to the enemies that have less than 50% health. Random drop on Rhom.
Galenic Charm Damage taken by enemies awards 300% of damage as mod power. Random drop on Rhom.
Mender's Charm Dragon Hearts will heal teammates within 10 meters with 50% of health healed to self. Purchased from Wud on Rhom for 400 scrap.
Cleansing Jewel Removes all negative status effects after expending a Dragon Heart and increases self-healing effectiveness with all healing items by 30%. Random drop on Rhom.
Vengeance Idol Increases ranged and melee damage by 50% when the hero's health is below 25%. Random location on Yaesha.
Butcher's Fetish Increases melee damage by 25% for 10 seconds after achieving a melee critical hit. Random location on Yaesha.
Storm Amulet Increases all elemental damage by 20%. Random location on Yaesha.
Scavenger's Bauble Increases the amount of scrap picked up in the world by 25%. Solve the "Song of Doe" puzzle on Yaesha. After solving, a altar will rise to bring it up.
Rock of Anguish Increases movement speed by 25% and reload speed by 50% for 3 seconds after taking damage. Random location on Corsus.
Soul Anchor Increases duration of summoned creatures by 40%. Defeat The Re-Animator.

Rings in order of their respective worlds :

Ring's Name Description Location
Heartseeker Provides 100% Crit Chance against non-aggressive enemies and increases Crit Damage by 15%. Can be found on Earth
Mother's Ring Reduces incoming Ranged Damage by 15%. Can be found on Earth
Pillar of Stone Reduces Sway by 50% and Recoil by 25%. Can be found on Earth
Ring of Evasion Slightly increases evade window. Can be found on Earth
Sagestone Increases earned Experience by 15%. Can be found on Earth
Braided Thorns Increases Crit Chance by 15% for 6 seconds after slaying an enemy. Dropped by Root Worshiper found on Earth - Marrow Pass

Killing all root heart in the dungeon would trigger hostility from the worshipper
Root Circlet Increases Melee Attack Speed by 20%. Given by Root Worshiper found on Earth - Marrow Pass so long as he is not made hostile by the players.

Do not attack the heart 1st to receive this, then head back destroy the hearts to fight to obtain both rings.
Band of Strength Increases Melee Damage by 10% for 10 seconds after a melee kill. Stacks up to 3 times. Can be found on Rhom
Ezlan's Band Increases Max Health by 25. Can be found on Rhom
Gravity Stone Increases damage by 25% when there are at least 3 enemies within 8 meters of the wearer Can be found on Rhom
Hunter's Halo Increase the effective Range of all firearms by 20%. Can be found on Rhom
Leech Ember Melee hits regenerate 5% of the damage dealt. Can be found on Rhom
Jewel of the Black Sun Increases Ranged damage by 5% for 10 seconds after a ranged kill stacks up to 10 times. Can be purchased from Wud on Rhom for 400 Scrap
Blood Font Regenerates 0.238 Health per second. Can be found in Corsus
Devouring Loop Critical Hits have a 5% chance to deal 300% bonus damage. Can be found in Corsus
Razorstone Melee Critical Hits will apply a BLEEDING effect, dealing 100% of the damage dealt over 15 seconds. Can be found in Corsus
Celerity Stone Increases Consumable Use Speed by 25%. Can be found in Yaesha
Hunter's Band Increases Weak Spot damage by 25% when hitting a target's weak spot from farther than 15 meters. Can be found in Yaesha
Keeper's Ring Increases resistance to all elemental damage by 15. Can be found in Yaesha
Stone Of Balance Increases Ranged and Melee damage by 10%. Can be found in Yaesha
Heart of the Wolf Increases Stamina by 25 and Movement speed by 10% Found at the Pan Flautist upon completion of the bell puzzle on Yaesha.
Guardian's Ring Reduce incoming melee damage by 15%. Bought from the Stuck Merchant. (100,000 scrap) (Holy moly?!)

Alternatively: use the key behind the stuck wagon of the stuck merchant to unlock the tomb of the root horror. During the encounter, the root horror would escape and murder the stuck merchant. Head back to the merchant's area to obtain a free ring.

Dreamer/Nightmare strategy/ Tips and Tricks :

Build for Dreamer/Nightmare

Armor: 3 Set Bandit
Primary Weapon: Devastator
Secondary Weapon: Magnum Pistol (Mender’s Aura Mod)
Rings: Devouring Ring and Heart of the Wolf
Pendant: Cleansing Jewel
Melee: Riven

This the build for taking on the last boss of the game! The devastator is perfect for dealing with the damage. The high-rolling ability of the bandit allows us to decimates the boss whenever its weak spots are exposed. The heart of the wolf allows us to spring sideways to avoid the bombarding projectiles efficiently. While the magnum pistol with menders aura combines with cleansing jewel provides great sustain for our stack hunting in the banished realm.


Dreamer: Aim for the head for massive damage and focus more on dodging than dealing damage!

Nightmare: The boss only does 2 things. It shoots extremely lethal bombarding projectiles that could potentially one shot and banishes you into another realm. Hence the strategy is simple, just sprint sideways whenever you see the circles on the boss start to glow.

It means that the boss is beginning its attack animation. With the heart of the wolf, it is extremely easy to sprint sideways to avoid it. ( Remember to go left, right, left, right, or else you might find yourself at the border of the map.

NOTE: Also please take note to not shoot the boss if you were never banished to the realm!

The reason is that while in the realm, every monster you kill results in a stack of damage buff. These buffs are very important and you can clearly distinguish a buffed damage versus the weak normal damage.

Banishing into the realm

So before you are banished into the realm, the boss will do an aerial barrel roll of sorts, so when you see the boss starting spinning in the air, pop a bloodwurt as the longer you stay in the banished realm the more damage you take. Once in the banished realm, just simply look for the portals.

The portals are circles that look like black holes with spinning rings. Once you enter, identify where are the portals, sprint to it but do not enter it! Just stay around it and destroy as many mobs as possible.

Use mender’s aura once its charged to increase your hp regen for a longer stay in the realm. Based on experience, around your 10th stack is where elite monsters start to spawn. Just keep track of your hp and you will be fine. As a rule of thumb, We would suggest getting at least 10 stacks before exiting the ream. The stacks can be found under your HP/Stam UI much like consumables.

Once you are out of the realm, proceed to blast the boss with your devastator! Please focus more on avoiding the projectiles than dealing damage though, so left-right sprints and Most of the time after 3 blasts and if you deal enough damage to the boss, the boss would kinda suffer a seizure and the dreamer’s head would be exposed right at the chest of the body. So aim for the head for extra juicy damage!
Repeat the same process!

Suggested Build

Boss Build
Armor: 3 Set Bandit
Primary Weapon: Devastator
Secondary Weapon: Magnum Pistol (Hunter Mod)
Rings: Devouring Ring and Braided Thorns
Pendant: Gunslinger Amulet
Melee: Riven

The objective of this build is to capitalize on the Bandit Set effect which gives the wearer a 35% to replace spent bullet on hit and the Devastator projects out 5 bolts within one ammo capacity, this allows us to maximize our chances. Combining it with items that increase the critical chance and devouring ring’s high burst damage from critical hits. It is possible to high-roll bosses with this build.

Mobility Build
Armor: 3 Set Hunter
Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle (Hot Shot Mod)
Secondary Weapon: Spitfire
Rings: Heart of the Wolf and Heart-Seeker
Pendant: Pocket watch
Melee: Riven

This is one of the most favored builds when traversing the vast lands of the post-apocalyptic world as It provides high stamina and faster movement speed to explore areas quicker. The heart-seeker in combination with the sniper rifles long range allows me to dispatch enemies from far away while the spitfire disintegrates anything that comes close to you.

post-credits: Reddit, Mr.New

This is a work in progress and we will update the post as we find out more. And that will conclude this remnant from the ashes Boss and items guide. thanks for reading!

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