Resident Evil 3: Remake (RE3) – All Hip pouch Locations

Resident Evil 3: Remake has released for all the players out there, on Steam. This time around, the game also released its all-new 1v4 Multiplayer Mode called Resident Evil Resistance. There is a lot to unlock in the campaign mode also. One of those is all the Hip Pouch Locations. So knowing where they are, make it much easier.

In this guide, we will show you the locations and how to get there as well, so keep reading…

All Hip Pouch Locations – Resident Evil: Remake

LOCATION 1: Subway Power Substation (Inside the Control Room)

Location 1 Control room Re3

  • Go up the stairs. Open the door in front of you
  • The Hip Pouch should be placed on the top of a small ladder.

LOCATION 2: Entrance for the Downtown Subway

Location 2 downtown subway entrance RE3

  • you will need Three Jewels to make this work: Blue, Red and, Green
  • Head towards your left, after facing Moon’s Donuts. Enter through a gate.
  • Keep going left through an alley, until you go into a room, with an ambulance.
  • Look towards your right, and crouch and go under the Half Opened Shutter:

Location 2 downtown subway entrance 2

  • Insert all three gems and in the end, you should get Hip Pouch.

LOCATION 3: Security Room in the Sewers

Location 3 sewer security room

  • Make sure you are carrying a battery pack. You will need that to open the security room.
  • From the location shown above, go up the stairs and open the door. Head towards your right.
  • You should see a security room. Use the battery pack from your inventory to open it.
  • The Hip Pouch should be located on top of the Table on the left.

LOCATION 4: Inside the West Office of Police Station 1F

Location 4 Police station 1F West office

  • Head inside the door which says “West Office” and go inside and towards your right.
  • You will find a Locker with combinations.
  • The Locker Combination for the West Office Locker is: 9-LEFT > 15-RIGHT > 7-LEFT
  • Simply open the locker and retrieve the Hip Pouch from there.

LOCATION 5: Inside the Lobby of Hospital 1F

Location 5 lobby in hospital 1F

  • Please NOTE that this should be done Before Healing Jill during your Horde Fight sequence.
  • Go to the room immediately to your left, as shown above.
  • you should find the Hip Pouch sitting on the table in the middle.

LOCATION 6: Inside the Office of the Underground Storage Area

Location 6 unerground storage office

  • From the Location shown above, head inside the room in the front.
  • The Hip pouch should be right in front of you.

And that is how you can get all 6 Hip Pouches with their Locations in Resident Evil 3: Remake (RE3). Any general questions or comments are welcome in the section below.



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