Resident Evil Village | Difficulty Comparison: Casual Vs. Hardcore

The 1-hour long demo has shown us that Resident Evil Village is quite a handful! The game has a considerable fear quotient and provides quite a rush for all you adrenaline junkies out there! In this guide, I have provided a detailed broken-down approach of two difficulty levels you can choose to play this game.

The gameplay aspect of each of these difficulties has been compared side to side. But do keep in mind the fact that this is ultimately just a game and always keep your cool. All you need here are nerves of steel and a learner’s approach. Check this out!

Resident Evil Village Casual Vs Hardcore Gameplay Comparison

Casual Vs Hardcore Compared

Let us first talk about the Casual mode of gameplay. Here I found out that the game provides the user plenty of time to play, making decisions at ease. The zombie horde is a lot slower, stupider, and can be killed at will. It takes about 5-6 pistol shots to kill a zombie.

I would recommend you start off with this mode first as it will give you plenty of time to get adjusted to your surroundings. Also, this mode will provide some useful target practice that you can later use in boss fights.

Trust me, killing those zombies will be easier than shooting fish in a barrel. You can also practice with the shotgun. It takes merely 1 headshot to kill a zombie in this mode. When you run out of ammo, instead of reloading, simply switch to a different weapon. Because reloading in this game is painfully slow.

Aim Small Miss Small

I have a policy for all shooting games. Aim small, miss small. If you are scared of these creatures, your aiming hand will jerk around a lot, and you may miss those valuable headshots. Sit in this game with the mentality of: I got this! Plain and simple.

Aim directly for the space between the eyes of enemies. In case you miss, or your handshakes, the shot will at least capture the enemy full in the face. Even if you miss, it will be by a small margin and this technique is guaranteed to increase your percentage of headshots.

Somehow I find that my hand never shakes maybe because all I’m trying to do is have fun!

Boss Fights

In the demo, you will come face to face against one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, Bela. In the casual mode, you need not worry. The game will provide you enough time to aim carefully at its head and clear the level. Always use a shotgun.

Its blast is more powerful and you might as well delay the inevitable with more ease. Jumping through the pit will also be easier. Using shotguns on zombies will also kill them in about 3-4 shots.

How To Play In Higher Difficulties

In higher difficulty levels like the Hardcore level, your response time needs to be quicker. Always mind your surroundings. When you have to reload, retreat first, and then come out all guns blazing. I would recommend using the shotgun on enemies more often than not.

Take out the zombie horde using cool headshots. You will see that it is a lot more difficult to kill them using a pistol only. But 3-4 shots from the shotgun ought to do it.

In the Bela fight, hold your nerve by taking deep breaths and aiming for the space between her eyes with the shotgun. I personally got bitten 3 times in this difficulty and had to take some time to heal myself. But with repeated practice, you can definitely go through this.

Use your surroundings for cover and try to maintain distance from enemies while shooting them from a range. The zombies are definitely stronger and faster at this level not to mention the boss fights are also harder.

Don’t get close or they will slash at you all of a sudden with sharp weapons. Good luck!

The release of this game upholds a strong belief among developers. My love of the horror genre will stay for a long time! I have seen some people test their mettle by taking rides in horror-themed parks just for the heck of it!

Though Resident Evil Village promises more than just mindless horror. It also has an element of intrigue. If you liked reading this post then do be sure to leave a few words in the comments below. For more such content do keep an eye on us. This is Spider Monkey signing off…

Last Updated on October 21, 2022

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