Resident Evil Village | How To Beat All Witch Boss (Hardest Difficulty)

This guide has been written keeping in mind how to defeat the witch bosses: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra in the hardest difficulty Village of Shadows. All you need to do is keep calm and follow the instructions written in this guide. I can guarantee you that if you follow this guide to the letter you can easily beat the boss fights in your first attempt. So let us delve right in!

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1st Boss Fight

When Bela throws you into the room and tries to bite you, grab hold of your pistol and shoot at the windows. All three witches have the same weakness. Sunlight. And a lot of firepower. Immediately when the glass breaks get up and fire at her with everything you got. You will see that eventually, she is turning into stone. Shoot the stone statue and collect the trophy.


2nd Boss Fight

Walk straight into the center of the room and pull on this lever:

The moment you do this sunlight will flood the room. Just rinse and repeat the previous procedure and there you go.

The lever can be found in the center of the room on one of the pillars. Use it and add to the witch’s woes by firing some shots at her body. Collect the trophy and prepare for the 3rd boss fight.


3rd Boss Fight

Barge straight into the room and go towards the wall on your left.

Move the panel to reveal a section of the wall. You know what to do next. Shoot at the wall. When sunlight floods the room, go Bang! Bang! on the last witch. Hit her with some good shots, don’t get hit and come back with another crystal skull.


Last Words Of The Witches So You Know You Won…

I’ve mentioned the last words of the witches so you know that you won the level.

1st Witch: ” Not like this..”

2nd Witch: ” I don’t wanna.. die..”

3rd Witch: ” You will not get away… You’re my prey.. mine..”

The time taken for the entire operation of killing all 3 witches should be less than 3 minutes. Come on man! I understand you have a busy schedule, you got stuff to do. Who wants to spend the entire day killing a witch when you could be out there in the sun enjoying a few cold ones… I recommend you adopt a business-like approach. Get in the game, kill a few witches, a nice cold beer, hang out with friends(or not!).

Well if you found this guide helpful, don’t mind giving us a hell yeah! in the comments below. You could also ask us for suggestions related to anything gaming. Always keep in good spirits and take care of your health at all costs. Have a great day and see you soon!

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

4 thoughts on “Resident Evil Village | How To Beat All Witch Boss (Hardest Difficulty)”

  1. This doesn’t really help me at all I keep dying when I do it and two regular enimes Keep spawning so that throws me off

    1. Do you mean in the 3rd boss fight? Yeah some minions might spawn up but you can take care of them pretty easy. The trick is to be constantly on the move and keep up a constant barrage of shots. Do not get cornered and do not wait for the enemy to attack. Use your best big guns, preferably grenade launcher and keep firing until you collect the trophy.

  2. I somehow missed the second witch during my first playthrough, had to go back when I got confused lmao. Anyways, hell yeah, thanks dude!

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