Resident Evil Village | How To Survive Lycan Attack In Hardest Difficulty

In Resident Evil Village, you must rely on abilities other than full-frontal attack to make it through the game. You must use guile and be tactful in your approach so that you can win. Follow this guide to know a detailed, methodical, and time-tested way that helps you to survive the Lycan village onslaught. And that too in the hardest Village of Shadows difficulty. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a helluva ride!

How To Survive Lycan Village Attack In Village Of Shadows Difficulty

The Lycan attack starts when you run to this house in the image below:

Before you go into the house, you will find a crate that you can open. This contains a herb that can be used to craft a healing item. Use this item to heal yourself before the hunt starts. Your objective is to last at least 4 minutes before the cutscene appears stating that you have completed the mission. The easiest way to do this is by spending as much time as possible in the first house and then in the second. Now I will show you how you can make this happen.

Once you are inside the first house, just barricade the door. Loot around the house and shoot any Lycan that wants to come through the door. There will be no big windows through which the Lycans can enter the house. The only way in is through the door. Defend it at all costs. Also, try to save at least two pistol bullets for later. When you can’t hold the Lycans any longer and they start entering through the door, knife the flour bag and jump down to the basement below. When the Lycans follow suit, run to the next house.

The second house will be on top of the hill and you can make it there with a quick dash. Again barricade yourself in and shoot the Lycans trying to break in through the door or window. Reserve some bullets to shoot at the explosive barrels which can slow the Lycans down. Around this point, the Alpha Lycan should appear.

Immediately, take the ladder to the roof. Defend yourself and when they start to overwhelm you (i.e. when you are surrounded by 2 or 3 Lycans), jump clean off the roof. Run towards the red gate on your left. You will see an explosive barrel here. Shoot at it and kill as many Lycans as you can. Rush into the house with the radio and block the entrance with the dresser. No need to hold back now and fire freely at will. In about a few seconds the cutscene should roll.

I wrote this walkthrough with the gamer’s needs in mind so if you found it useful, it would be very satisfying to know that in the comments below. We will definitely keep you posted with the latest info regarding Resident Evil Village as well as all new and upcoming titles. Be sure to follow us for more RE 8 content and guides. Peace…

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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  1. I discovered if you do it just right and in the second house just before the alpha shows up and gets near the front door. He’ll keep slamming his hammer and they won’t be able to break down the door and dresser. So it’ll just the the window you have to worry about till suddenly a ugly teleports inside and you get a cutscene XD

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