Resident Evil Village | How To Survive Village Ambush

If you are having a hard time surviving the village ambush, which comes at the very start of Resident Evil Village, I will tell you some tips and tricks to go past it. After you see the radio and acquire a shotgun, your main objective now is to just survive the coming onslaught of enemies. If you do not have a clear idea of what to do during this sequence of fights, chances are you will waste a lot of time in this particular section of the game. Let’s check out what needs to be done to go past this hurdle…

How To Survive Village Ambush in Resident Evil Village

Try to follow the simple objective the games tell you. That is to “Survive the attack”. If you are under the assumption to kill all the enemies and go to the main fight followed by a cutscene, you will be gravely mistaken. Focus on surviving the onslaught of enemies, and try to find specific spots to hide. One example would be the Pickup Truck to regain your senses and then continue surviving.

I would highly recommend that you DO NOT waste shotgun ammo. That is because the enemies take a lot of bullets before even budging. Instead, take out the knife and loop it around the map. When the enemies go near the Barrels, shoot them and clear some of the enemies to take off the pressure.

Another way to evade and run is to look for a ladder located in the basement. To the side of the ladder, you should find a wooden beam. You can then scout for enemies outside the fence, who will most probably be circling around trying to find you. If you stand beside the wooden beam and scout for them, you can survive much longer and kill the timer in the process.

Put the main stress on learning the area and the map, so that looping around it should be a cakewalk. I would repeat once again that the objective is to just survive the enemies by any means necessary rather than shooting and killing them. And since the objective is timed/based on killing time, the above tips should be your best bet to go past this level.

To conclude, I would say that you need to play “Safe” than “aggressive” to beat this stage. There is a cheese so you can try this as well. You can bug out the Enemy by standing underneath the ladder in the building you get the shotgun in. They won’t come down. By underneath, I indicate that you stand “behind” the ladder, in the small space. Here is an illustrative image showing where you should stand:

RE 8 how to survive village ambush

The wooden beam trick I mentioned earlier also does it quite well. This is up to personal preference and do this only if you are having a hard time surviving. This level is kind of difficult if I speak for myself also. The rest of the game progression seems normal after this. So do not worry about the game being this much difficult throughout.

Let me know what do you think about this level and the game in general. I will be putting out more Resident Evil Village content so be on the lookout for them as well. Thanks for reading and I shall see you in the next one!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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