Resident Evil Village | Kill Werewolf/Axe Giant Quickly

Contrary to popular belief, werewolf and axe giant can be slain in RE8. The Werewolf and Axe Giant are common enemies in Resident Evil Village. In this guide, I have discussed how to dismiss them from your presence wasting as little ammo as possible. What do you do when you are disappointed with a dog and need to put it down? Put some lead in its ear. And how would you do that? Why with a shotgun! Read the guide to know more.

How to Slay Werewolf and Axe Giant Fast In RE8

At a certain point in the game, the standard Lycan and ghouls start getting back up. These guys are nasty as hell and at first, you might not think that these things are even possible to kill. Of course, this being Resident Evil, they can be killed but they are not going to go down without a fight. Take for example the werewolf. These guys are super fast and have unavoidable attacks that can drop your health to almost nothing in a matter of seconds. They seem to be like impossible stalkers. With enough ammo, you can definitely take ’em down.

axe giants re8

Normally it takes 30 pistol bullets and 10 shotgun shells to deal with these creatures. And on hardcore, that number is even higher. You do get the valuable treasure for taking them out but for most people that’s going to cost them their precious ammo to deal with just one enemy. If you don’t want to have to deal with that then the Magnum makes short work of these guys. Just 3 or 4 shots can take ’em out. And each shot stuns them for multiple seconds. So basically, making them completely defenseless. If you could get one shot off on them, they are pretty much deleted!

Hopefully, this guide wasn’t too long or boring. If you already knew this trick then share it with your peers to help them. But if you can keep this simple trick in mind then do try this out in the game and let me know in the comments below. I have got a few more secrets that I am going to share with everyone in my following posts. Hopefully, you are enjoying this game to your heart’s content! Thank you for staying with me thus far and have a great day!

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