Risk of Rain 2 – Artificer Guide How to Play!

As the Risk of Rain 2’s early access continues to unfold, players are inventing new ways and techniques. Be it longer survival time or awesome builds to help throughout the gameplay.

So, let us take a look at one of the effective ways to go about playing The Artificer. A survivor with insane damages which is what most people can get out of this character. Rest depends on the player and how they handle it!

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  • Fire bolt can be spammed making it a fast firing, secondary attack. NOT a primary attack.  It has a slow travel time. This means you have to lead your targets, rather predict where they are going to be, in order to land a hit. The best use of Fire Bolt is to finish off or weaken enemies who weren’t killed.


  • At level 1 it does 2 ticks of 3 damage and that damage goes up by 1 per level.

Cooldown Management

  • You should ALWAYS have the least of one bolt on cooldown. This goes back to cooldown management. Do not hold on to 4 bolts at any given time. This is because you will be recharging them quickly but holding onto it is actually losing damage. Use it frequently as it replenishes quickly also. Do not try to use all of them at once as the subsequent cooldown will be long. Its best recommended to combine it with other spells.

Usage of all 4 at once

If you want to use all 4 bolts at one go then keep these in mind :

  • Loss of quick damage for 2-3 seconds.
  • Effective to clear bosses.
  • Ideal for killing a tough target in multiplayer mode.
Anti-Air features
  • Great for usage against air enemies and aerial attacks. Also works well against wisps.






  • It takes 2 seconds to fully charge and you can hold on to it for a total of 4 seconds. It deals decent damage to anything nearby it as it travels causing it to to do more than 1200% damage to a single unit. More the charging more the damage. Explodes upon impact. Enemies on the outside of the explosion take half damage. This is your best option to remove multiple targets as well as effective against big tanky bosses.
Clicking rather than Charging works
  • If you are throwing Nano-Bomb into a bunch of weak enemies and know it will kill them, there is no reason to charge the attack. The sooner you release the bomb, the sooner the cooldown starts. Vital stuns can save you as well with this.
  • Like with any stun, Charged Nano-Bomb can stop enemies mid attack and can make imps way easier to kill. This makes Nano-Bomb more of your utility skill than Snapfreeze. Since you have no other defensive ability, sometimes the best use of this skill is to stun rather than kill.
  • After you start charging you can sprint and charge at the same time which is a great way to dodge and still be able to dish out some damage.
Cooldown Management
  • While charging you regain 1-3 Flame Bolts making it a formidable pick for combats as well.





  • The most obvious use is killing the big enemies early with it. If you see them around 30% health, use this skill and do a lot of damage. As long as the enemy is frozen you can execute them and also allowing you to correct any small errors which you do that can cost you heavily.
Against Bosses
  • If you put this under them, you will randomly create 5-8 pillars which causes a decent amount of damage. The only downside is that it has a 12 sec. cooldown and against more tough bosses, that can cost you your life as well.
Single unit focus damage
  • When enemies approach use it, dealing 1200% damage to them if they blow up the pillars. Practice using different angles and directions and once you get the hang of it, it will be a formidable skill in your arsenal.





  • At level 1, the attack does 11 damage per tick. That’s 92% damage, done 10 times in 1sec. seconds. more the seconds, the more the damage. It adds up to around 87 fire damage. 330+87=417, which is about 3475% damage. This is all assuming you hit only one target, because it also has piercing effect. So you can deal nearly 3500% damage to multiple targets if all of your possible ticks of damage land on the enemy.


  • Sprinting will cancel the skill
  • You cannot use any other skill while casting Flamethrower
  • Decent cooldown means you need to manage the cooldown aspect properly. when you get Backup magazine, it becomes very helpful.
  • The described damage only happens if every tick hits a single target. So if throw it around clearing waves would be easy but you will lose damage in the process.
  • Using it can slow you down as you wont be able to sprint, and take damage. It’s recommended to use flamethrower when you know that you wont need to sprint much. Even if you do, make sure to do a sprint right after you end using it.


  • Use 4 Fire Bolts, Fully Charge a Nano-Bomb then use a Flamethrower and repeat. This will be your general combo layout. Use your FLAMEBOLT along with these in-between the gaps of the cooldowns. Sticking around this combo will make the game a bit easier!





  • Tougher Times, Monster Tooth, Personal Shield Generator, Medkit, Leeching Seed, Harvester’s Scythe, Infusion, Dio’s Best Friend, Rejuvenation Rack: Decent early game core items to hold onto. You may not need these later on.
  • Wax Quail
  • Primordial Cube: Gathers enemies in one place allowing large AOE attacks.
  • Milky Chrysalis: Makes you more mobile.
  • Fuel Cell: The More the better
  • Bandolier: Grant attack speed to your team mates.
  • Chronobauble: Makes you less vulnerable when using Flamethrower.
  • Alien Head, Brainstalks, and Hardlight Afterburner



  • Backup Magazine: Saves 1-3 sec on your super skills but pauses the cooldown on other charges. Preferably give to a Mercenary player, But more over good item to carry.
  • Crowbar, Len’s Maker Glasses, Brilliant Behemoth, Armor Piercing Rounds: Damage Modifier items come in handy also.
  • Gasoline, Will-o’-the-Wisp, Ceremonial Dagger, and Happiest Mask: Helps you with Cooldown Management.
  • Goat’s Hoof, Energy Drink, Hopoo Feather, Old War Stealth Kit: Makes up you lack of mobility and a possible alternative to Wax Quail.
  • Stun Grenade: Similar to Chronobauble but tiered low due to uncertain chances it dishes out.
  • Ukulele: Use it with SNAPFREEZE and FLAMETHROWER to destroy group of enemies.
  • Foreign Fruit, Gnarled Woodsprite: Helps with the livability of artificer.
  • Royal Capacitor
  • N’Kuhana’s Opinion
  • H3AD-ST v2: Good burst item to carry around in the battle-zone.


We Hope this Artificer Guide on How To Play it will help you in some way. If you have any better suggestive methods and want to share, feel free to drop a comment below or write on our Facebook page.

that is all friends!

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