Risk of Rain 2 – How to Unlock All Characters + Fastest Way

NOTE: There is a File alteration method also for those who wish to do it skip these parts and go to the bottom of the
Unlock Commando
  • This will be your starting character so nothing much to do here.
Unlock Huntress

  • Beat 3 levels in a row and unlock her.
    Note: you cannot unlock the huntress by completing a level by going through the blue portal.
Unlock MUL-T
  • Beat the first level 5 times, except the teleport, so you can go and die of fall damage if you wish to.
Unlock Mercenary
  • Go through a Celestial Teleporter (which spawns on loops), climb your way through the new area and jump.
Unlock Engineer
  • Beat 30 levels. As simple as that!
Unlock Artificer
1.Get 11 lunar coins
2.Activating a lunar(?) shrine, costs 1 coin.
3.Get the message “a blue orb has appeared.”
4.Beat the level, and don’t teleport.
5.Look around for a blue portal, and you’ll get to buy them for 10 lunar coins in a special shop.

PLEASE BE WARNED : Do this method  at your own risk
1. Go to Steam –> userdata –> your user ID –> 632360 –> remote –> UserProfiles
2. first back up the file in case you mess anything up, then right click the file and open it with notepad.3. scroll all the way to the very bottom or alternatively ctrl + f and search for “character” until you go to the bottom

4. replace whatever instances of the “<unlockCharacters” code you see with this:note: if you don’t see any instances of “<unlock>characters”, just add the lines of code below anywhere above “</stats>” (which you can also use ctrl + f to find)


<unlock>Characters.Huntress</unlock> <unlock>Characters.Engineer</unlock> <unlock>Characters.Mercenary</unlock> <unlock>Characters.Mage</unlock> <unlock>Characters.Toolbot</unlock>


for example :

And you will be all set to go!

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