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The much awaited addition to the Classic looter shooter, Risk of Rain came in, dating March 28, 2019 with the release of Risk of Rain 2 Developed by Hoopo Games. Same thrill, same action But with more challenges and hurdles to face, go solo or Team up with 3 more friends to layeth the smacketh down on some monsters, do loads of loots and escape the prison like planet in one piece.

“This 3d printer knows what’s up” – Nordtorp95 (reddit)

So, to start off with The new 3D aspect of the game really help the visual cause.
If one has played Risk of Rain then they know how playing a looter shooter rogue-lite game in 2D feels like. But this time round the devs have amped it up with the 3D enviroment which is quite impressive and a visual spectacle to experience, taking nothing away from the Original Franchise ofcourse.

The Increasing difficulty with game progression is very enjoyable. Especially when the bosses come at you with their wide arsenal of weapons and skills, the challenge of taking them down is very addictive and engaging.

The feature to auto equip random items is also a very cool aspect of the game. These random pickups can lead to some sick and funny loadouts, adding extra abilities and stats to your selected character. In the current version of the game there is no feature to actually reach the endgame. You play until you die inevitably.


The uniqueness of the characters is also a commendable aspect to the game. There is not much similar between the abilities and skills of the characters. Every character is pretty unique and suitable for a particular type of gameplay depending on the players taste. While some of the characters can be unlocked just by playing the game, others require you to do random events. Even though these are random, Keep playing and you will eventually figure it out yourself.


Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Game Levels are also unique and randomized. Survive for the maximum time to show off the survival time and your skills in surviving. While playing one may lose track of time and also whats going on in the screen becomes a hard time to keep track of, as enemies will keep adding up and keep coming at you from all directions possibly giving you the challenges of your lives. What will start of as a low level boss and some firing here and there, will turn into a barrage of endless projectiles coming at you and multiple bosses constantly trying to kill you.




The item builds are quite balanced as you don’t have to compile and collect things to store it away and make use of later! what you find is what you make use of right off the bat, which kills the need to have specific builds for a particular approach and varied gameplays. This feature can be good and bad both, depending on the player.



There is also Multiplayer which enables you to play with friends or with random people. But this has some hiccups here and there. To begin with during some sessions, players faced some pretty laggy servers and random lags. Whereas they had no internet or hardware issue.
Also the fact that when a host leaves, the servers shuts down can be a turn-off. Imagine having the best loadout possible then the host dies and leaves the game resulting in a server shutdown. Obviously one would get pissed off! Hopefully the Developers manage to fix these server and hosting issues soon.


But meanwhile, most players would like to stick with friends and not try it out with random players. In its current state, its a game which is far from complete, However being able to play and enjoy it and constantly test your skill and might makes the game a bundle of joy and fun to experience.


The buyers will get their moneys worth, as this game is more likely to impress them. And if you have played Risk of Rain then you will love it right off the get go. It can turn out to be one of the most super addictive games of its time. But its success still depends on the community and the Developers ofcourse!

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I hope this Edition of Review and Before Purchase has helped you in some way. This is a general and somewhat personal review. A suggestive comment or something which i may have left out, will always be appreciated!


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