Root | Rules, Factions and 25 Wins Achievement Guide

This is a strategy guide for all Root players. These are a few basic set of principles that can help you on the quest for completing the 25 x 4 wins achievement (25 games won with each faction). This means 100 games at least – if you don’t lose any.

Rules, Factions, and Achievement Strategy for Root Players

Taking chances in Root

The root is highly dependent on chance.
More than we would like it to.Not only the dices roll on each battle, but the other players’ movements and initial card suits and types can change the whole game, even if you are on the way of playing the game of your life. You could have a perfect game going with the Eyrie Dynasty but then three 2-2 rolls as an attacker and a well-played ambush card from your opponent could end your steamrolling victory ( ending your turn in a Turmoil, slowing you for at least 2 turns.)So, it’s important not to lose your temper and remember that, if you want to have consistency in the long haul, you have to close the gap so that “luck” doesn’t play such a leading role in your strategy.
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But if you want to take your chances, remember that:

4/16 of the possible rolls will be even,
6/16 of the rolls will result in 1 extra hit on the highest dice
4/16 of the rolls will result in 2 extra hits,
and 2/16 of the rolls will result in 3 extra hits,
with an average of 1.25 extra hits.

Styles and Fights Strategy

The beauty of Root its the fact that every faction is different, so the game is unbalanced from the start.

But there is some unbalance on top of that original unbalance. And that’s the fact that playing any faction in a 4 player game is a whole different song than playing a 1v1. The Woodland Alliance is a perfect example of this since they are stronger and decisive in a 3 or 4 player game.

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Take a few minutes to think that the strategy that has worked in the past on a 1v1 or 3 player game may not work that well on a 4 player game.

Shorter Duration of Games

This is a general rule for me, since 90% of the games, I lose I was a turn from winning. It’s, generally, a very well-balanced game so the game always ends with players having very tight scores. So, unlike chess, you have to star strong from turn 1. Unless you are the woodland, a very defensive/reactive faction, you should be recruiting and battling (winnable battles) as soon as possible.

Counting Cards

Suits are very important in Root, VERY.
A four Bird suit hand for the Eyrie Dynasty is a CRAZY start.So take this into consideration:There are 4 suits > Fox, Mouse, Rabbit, Bird (this last one being the wildcard suit)
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There are 3 card types > Crafting, Ambush, Dominance


Crafting 12 / 11 / 11 / 11
Ambush 1 / 1 / 1 / 2
Dominance 1 / 1 / 1 / 1

Follow these strategies while playing and you can win more than 90% of the games. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

Credits to Burkeboy

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