Saints Row 2022: How To Make Money Fast

I am enjoying the open world game play of Saints Row with its wacky cast of characters and myriad of quests.

The game has been a great hit with players of all ages and rightly so. It has incited a lot of gossip, with one of the most pertinent being money.

You will not have much in the beginning as you plan to takeover Santo Ileso. That is why getting cash fast will be one of the underlying goals throughout the game.

I had to do a whole host of different things in order to achieve the same. Therefore, I have listed down the optimal methods of earning the moolah in Saints Row.

Saints Row 2022

Saints Row: Why cash matters

The premise of the game ensures that you will always be needing money for whatever reason. Whether it is purchasing weapons or armor, battling mini-bosses, and even completing other missions.

That is why knowing the inner workings of earning cash is critical for everyone. Here is what should be done as you progress:

Saints Row: Finishing side quests

The game is engineered in such a way that players will be all over side missions like Wingsuit Saboteur, Riding Shotgun and others.

I enjoyed completing them and raking in the cash which is a significant amount. Players can stand to earn around $4000-5000 every time, and maybe even more.

However, the best feature is undoubtedly the fact that you can replay it countless times. Therefore, there is no limit on the earning potential.

Saints Row: One Star Reviews @Tcha

By nature, I never leave a one star rating in real-life establishments! However, it is hugely beneficial in the game as the places will send gangs after you.

Thus, you will have to overpower them, keeping in mind that one star means the most opponents. Additionally, you will also be able to loot money from the ones you defeat. I have been making over $12000-14000.

Saints Row: Become Wanted

You will be able to access the Wanted App once free roam is available. You will be able to see people advertising for hit jobs which reward handsomely upon completion.

I found the missions to be intriguing and differently made over the course of playing, and earning a sweet $5000-6000 from the jobs. That is a great use of the free roam part of the game.

Saints Row 2022 - Getting Money

Saints Row: Looting money trucks

The small truck icons in white containing a dollar sign that come up on your map will point you to armored trucks.

Of course, there is a medium amount of money if you are able to loot. Just smash up the car and you will get the cash, which is easier than most other methods of acquiring money.

Saints Row: Clearing disturbances and threats

There will be brass knuckle icons on the map after you get into criminal activities. I visited a few of them and they are basically breaking up fights or commotion.

What it does is raise the money you earn from your other businesses. Therefore, this will not be an immediate boost but over the course of the game, it can be good money.

Saints Row: Finishing adventures

After getting the initial free businesses, you can complete their missions in order to get more money. They will be also give you money apart from the normal income from establishments. Thus, make sure you are able to complete all of them efficiently.

There you have it, all the best ways to earn money quickly which I have discovered till now. Of course, there will be a lot of fine tuning over the coming days and finding new ways of earning cash quickly.

Last Updated on August 24, 2022

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