Sea of Thieves | How to Beat Ghost Ships

Published: July 12, 2020 | Last Updated On: December 19, 2020

Sea of Thieves has a major Ocean to explore in-game, and there is a lot of know-how in it. One integral part of the game is defeating the ghost ships. To beat these ships you need to have a clear Strategy. Assign proper roles to your crew and load up your ship for emergencies. We will briefly go over the required tricks and strategies in this guide.
With the release of Haunted Shores, we saw the arrival of a new event called Ghost Ships! These fights against these worthy foes are not easy at all! You can encounter these ships through the burning blade world event. These are indicated by FlameHeart’s skull in the sky or through the new oos voyages.

How to beat The Ghost Ships in Sea of Thieves

What should you load on your ship?

For the burning blade world event, we would suggest:

  • 200-250 projectiles consisting of cannonballs, firebombs, blunderbombs, or chainshots
  • 100 planks
  • LOTS of Food.
  • Flex tapes

For the oos voyages

  • For this, you will need fewer resources than the burning blade world event. But make no mistake, this will also be challenging.

Crew Strategies and Roles

  • Bilge Rat: Their primary workforces are: repairing and bailing. They can also help fire those canons as well.
  • Helmsman: Their primary focus: Placing the ship for cannon fires while doing their best to keep the ship safe, up, and running. They also help to spot the ghost ships, so that the rest of the crew is ready to face them.
  • Cannoneer: Their main role: Killing the ghost ships as quickly as possible with canons. They also help with repairing and bailing which is also a key point to note.

Adjust or combine the crews and roles, depending on the size of your ship. Ramming speed will be less effective against these Ghost Ships so do not even bother to try that.

Tips and Strategies to beat the Ghost Ships

  • To take down a ghost ship, shoot it three times with a cannonball, firebomb, blunderbomb, or a chainshot. 
  • Accuracy will be important, so make these shots count.
  • Takedown one ship at a time, which encircle the outer perimeters of the event.
  • If you feel the need to repair your ship due to excessive damages, simply leave this event area, heal, and come back to the battlefield.

How to Defend your Ship

  • Try to avoid getting circled by multiple ships, since you will have a tough time defending against Three canons at the same time.
  • The Phantom cannonballs are highly damaging. They can make a hole in your ship which can be disastrous. The Wraith cannonballs leave multiple holes and causes knockback. And, The Flame Phantom cannonballs that will set your ship on fire.
  • Avoid getting behind these ships. They have mines set up behind them. You can instruct your crew to take out these mines for a better strategy.
  • Keep your ship mobilized constantly. Sitting ducks in this PvE mode is a big no-no.

Follow these simple, yet effective strategies and you should be done with the event, as well as the ships in a convenient way. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop a comment down below to let us know. That will be all!

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