Sea of Thieves – How to Get Ghost Captain Sails

Want to get your hands on the Ghost Captain Sails in Sea of Thieves? We will tell you how to do it by using the “Hunter of the Damned Captains” commendation. You can also partake in the Ghost Ship World Event which we will show in detail below.

How to get or unlock the Ghost Captain Sails in SOT

First of all, locate “Hunter of the Damned Captains” achievement commendation in your game. It should be on the last page of “Order of Souls”

Getting Ghost Captain Sails METHOD 1

  • When you sink a ghost ship you can only get resource chests.
  • So if you do Flameheart world event and finish it there will be a skull named Ghost Captain Skull And when you sell that skull you will progress.
  • To make it easier to spot the ghost captain ships during the event, look at the type of symbols on their masts.
  • The ghost captains will have symbols that look like Glowing flags traditionally hoisted by players. These won’t be the flaming ones that resemble the Ghostly Ashen Dragon Ships that sail along with the Burning Blade, Captain Flameheart’s ship.
  • The Flameheart Event can be hectic, so do it only if you wish to do the grind.

Getting Ghost Captain Sails METHOD 2

  • Go to the Order of Souls lady and buy a ghost ship voyage.
  • They are definitely easier than the Flameheart and takes less time.
  • But we would suggest to not do a SOLO run since it can eat up a lot of time.
  • Instead, do an open crew and try to convince others so that they do it with you. This can be tricky but it is less time-consuming.
  • Coming to the battles, every standard ghost ship will sink with 3 hits.
  • When you defeat the first wave, the second wave will appear. Look for a ship with the Unicorn Sails since that will be the real one.
  • If you manage to sink it, the quest will end and you will get the coveted loot.

TIPS to beat the Ghost Ships in the World Event

  1. Do not try to defeat all ships, but aim for the REAL one with the unicorn sails.
  2. Soloing this is not a good idea, so try to party up with other players in the SoT discord server or normal servers.
  3. Every throwable count as a hit. So do not only count on cannonballs for damage. Use other Throwables also.
  4. Position yourself properly to deal with the damage, and go out of the battle area to heal and come back to the fight.
  5. If you are a Pirate Legend, the voyage you get from Order of Souls will be harder than the others.
  6. To evade this level scaling, find someone who is not a pirate legend to buy the voyages. When they apply the voyage, it will be easier for you to do it.

And that is how you can get the Ghost captain sails in SoT. We are open to questions and/or suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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