Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Farming Guide (Hirata Estate)


If you are more advanced skip this farming as there are far better options and efficient methods. Having said that,  it still is one of the easiest paths to farm.

  • unlock the Estate Path Idol. 

1.Go to the right of the Idol and then follow the path, there should be about 4 enemies (Two bowmen, a torch bearer and a Swordsman).


2.After clearing all enemies, you should see a hole in the wall at your right. Go through it and kill the 4 enemies again. Its recommended to start the fight by killing the bowman first.

  • Don’t forget the soldier in the house he drops loot and gives some extra cash.

The guy should stand in this corner cleaning and wont bother you during the fight. When you are done fighting repeat the process!



After you get the pattern of farming down it should be easy for you.

1.Exp: You should get about 270 exp every run. So if you do this for a full hour you can get around 16000 exp.

2.Sen: Each enemy drops 20 sen or so, while they don’t drop the exact same amount. You get 200 sen per run. So again if you farm a whole hour your get 12000 of it.

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