Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Gracious Gift of Tears Achievement / Trophy Guide

Gracious Gift of Tears

Beat the Divine Dragon and obtain the Divine Dragon’s Tears
Upon reaching The Palace Grounds idol, you will come across a winding staircase that really goes up and up. Once you have reached the top notice a small cave with the option to pray before it. Do that and you’ll be sent to the Divine Realm where you can slay the Divine Dragon.

First Phase :

Right upon entering, you will see these entities playing flutes. Slash them a few times to bring out a tree branch within the ground. Be aware as it can do a tiny ounce of damage to you if you don’t evade or jump away from it.

Second Phase:

After the bar has depleted, you will enter a cut-sceneĀ  after which a massive dragon will be introduced. He only has two abilities in his skill-set and they can be evaded with a calm mind and some patience.

1.Sends a vertical blade spinning towards you three times. Just Sprint or evade away here.

2.Sends a horizontal blade spinning towards you twice. Jump as the icon shows up.

All along the fight, there will be five pillars in front of you. But only one of them will posses lightning. Your aim here, is to avoid 1 and 2 stated above and once he’s resting, grapple the pillar holding lightning and slash hard.

Repeat this few more times until the pillars go down to 1/4th of their health. From here on, just dodge the abilities as you did earlier in the fight. After you dish out the last and final lightning rod into the boss, grapple towards him and chop his head off clean and by doing so complete your quest!

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