Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Demon of Hatred (Boss Guide)

Demon of Hatred Boss Fight

Arrive at the  burning Ashini Castle with a lot of action going on while you arrive to the scene. The same way you would have used your grapple to reach Genichiro at the start, Do  the same on the rightmost side of Ashina Castle until you find a kite flying.

Having difficulties finding it?? Reach the highest point of the Castle from where you can see and inspect the sky. Once you spot the kite, reaching it is not a big ask. This will swing you to the opposite side of the map where you can track it back to the Demon who you seek!


Don’t be surprised or staggered by the skill-set he posses, If you analyze it you can figure out the pattern of attacks without much trouble. So your time fighting him will not be that hard once you get that pattern in memory and act accordingly. Avoid most of his attacks by sticking close to him.

But initially, Make sure you figure out the ones you want to dodge and/or evade. Some moves of his cannot be dodged and some demand you to do certain movements and skills :

1.Jump Slam: He’ll jump at one point of time. Before or as he hits the ground, jump and grapple onto him.

2.Sweeping claw: When the red icon appears, jump over either sides to avoid its damage.

Put down these moves and except for these, you can step-dodge or run away from any other of his attacks one of them being a charge forwards by him.  Stick to him while dodging his stomp, claw swipe, and the other ones. When his stamina and move finishes continue your beat-down and slashing and trickle down his health more and more.


In his stage 2 he gains an additional ability that he uses when you are out of his reach or he will follow it up with his Sweeping claw skill from stage 1. Be on the lookout for it as you will be able to notice this as he will begin bulding power on his arm.

Sprint in either to begin with and do it spontaneously. Its recommended that you jump quickly and avoid a large barrage of fire that will erupt from beneath the ground you stand on. Get the timing game right and then you follow up his attack with a grapple of your own quite easily.


In this stage he gains the skill to make flaming rings around the player. He does this with two swipes of his attack. Leap once and it should take him one more second to swing around in the air. Then jump again. The hovering warning sign will appear when he does it so you can get the pattern right.

After this move-set, shortly after his Sweeping charge skill frequency will become twice. One time like the normal one, And on the second go, with a flame trail behind and underneath him. Just Leap over it like usual and continue your onslaught and slashing on him.

After these there is not much to do. Follow his attack patterns. Wait for him to get tired and keep hacking away on him. Don’t for get to dodge sprint and leap as well, as that will save you from those deadly blows. Once you get the attack pattern right do that final and 3rd Deathblow to defeat The Demon Of Hatred!


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