Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Genichiro Ashina (Boss Guide)

Genichiro Ashina Boss Fight

This boss can be located on top of Ashina Castle. You will have to grapple your way inside the window of the castle first then navigate your way towards the interior to reach the top.


1.6-7 Gourd Flasks.

2.Minimum of two power level.

3.The Monkey Axe Prosthetic.

4.Mikiri Counter and Deflect Projectile.


At the start of your face-off, Genichiro will fire single arrows at you.
Run or step-dodge in either direction to evade this ability quickly. After this, he will unleash a series of 4 to 5 attacks that you can deflect/parry. It is recommended that you parry all of the attacks to keep his posture damage high as it will drain at a fair rate if you’re not hitting him almost instantly.

After a certain number of blows, be aware of his leap ability. In this mode, he will slash downwards and then follow it up with a thrust which can be avoided. If you wish, you can try the Mikiri Counter against it if you think you can pull it off.

While in combat, notice that he slides and then rests for a moment. At this point, Be ready  as he queues up for one of his strongest abilities Рbut you can parry this ability to increase the stagger time the most so be on your toes for it!

By constant and concentrated trials you should get the pattern right. But this will be quite rewarding  as he uses this skill, because his posture damage climbs leaps and bounds if you can get to queue them up in quick successions. Continue the onslaught until you can deathblow him.

backing him up against the boundaries of the arena helps also. Since the combat arena is small, some of his abilities may fail to queue up and he will be bound to leap in the air, and that will be fairly decent to dodge. Just a hint for those, facing troubles.

After the first deathblow, only one his abilities will increase in power and that is his leap. When he leaps, there are two options: either he will use thrust, or he will sweep under. At this point, It is recommended¬† to not use Mikiri just so that you don’t end up blocking that sweep and get in a messy situation.



You’ll be transferred and will have to battle it out with Genichiro one final time. Initially he will leap towards you with a flying thrust that will take away half a health bar so watch out for this and try to avoid this quickly, by either running or step-dodging.

Continue to slash at him. The only ability you should watch out for is the lightning arrow. You have two choices : 1. You can deflect these arrows.
2. You can just spring away from them. Choose whichever suits your play style.
NOTE: Step-Dodging wont work as the blast radius is high enough to inflict damage upon you.
Now, be all out aggressive as you have torn down his armor, deal a lot of posture damage to him and he will be brought down quickly. Keep you calm and keep the grind on and you will defeat Genichiro Ashina!



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