Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Great Colored Carp (Boss Guide)

Great Colored Carp Boss Fight

After slaying the Divine Dragon, and the Guardian Ape earlier, head to the Great Sakura location in the Fountainhead Palace.From here you should leap into the lake and swim out to the half-sunken house on the leftmost side.

you will come across an Vendor that will tell you about a large carp that lies within a cave. Right next to her, you will discover that very same cave. Dive underneath and navigate through. At this point, the massive carp get angry and you have to use the broken houses on either side as cover.

But once you reach the end, you will find another idol. Enter the decrepit building in front of you and slay all the foes there. On one side of the hall is a chest, grab that for a prayer bead and then open the door behind it.

When you open the door, step through and move to your right. Look up at the roof and you’ll notice a grapple spot. Grapple and swing forward. Follow the grapple spots to land at the Feeding Grounds location, which is where you feed the fish.

Grab the idol and speak to the Vendor. He’ll also talk about the fish. Go ahead and feed the fish some ‘Precious Bait’ before moving on. If you need ‘Precious Bait’ , you can find some in the small pond in the Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole. Once you have it, ring the bell just past the idol. After this, proceed to the Dragonspring idol in Hirata Estate and find the pot vendor in the lake.

You want to purchase a couple of things before he unlocks his interaction option. Once you do it, talk to him until you end up exhausting all of his dialogues. He will give you his own ‘special bait’ that will kill this large carp. Get the item and head back to your new Feeding Grounds idol.

From here, ring the bell and select the new bait this time. Toss it into his mouth and then head back to the idol one last time, teleporting yourself to the Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole. If you did everything right, the carp will  laying there already dead!! In front of the carp will be an item. Pick that up and you shall get your achievement.



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