Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Great Shinobi – Owl (Boss Guide)

Great Shinobi – Owl Boss Fight



After you retrieve the Stone and the Flower, Head straight back to Kuro. You will find that all the Idols at the Ashina Castle has been blocked off. All except for the abandoned Dungeon Idol. Reach there and head back up to the same Dojo where you fought Genichiro.

Upon reaching there you will find a dialogue between Kuro and Father. After the end of their dialogues and cut-scenes you can go to Father and ask for the ultimatum.

  • SELECT Loyalty to Kuro

After you choose that option there will be a heated exchange of words mostly from your father and the actual fight will begin. This will work almost similar to the Genichiro fight as the Great Shinobi will posses both melee abilities and ranged abilities to put up a challenge.

You can beat this boss relatively easily using the exact same methods for Genichiro. You would want to parry a lot and build up his posture damage. Stick to his back and keep slicing. Always remember that his weapon will flash brightly whenever he is about to attack, so stop slicing and smashing buttons and block them.

At particular intervals, he will jump into the air and throw 2 shurikens at you. They are fairly easy to deflect as long as you’ve spentĀ  into the projectile block in your skills tree. His other ranged ability will throw a tiny bomb that stops you from using your gourd.

The next part is when he kneels down before you for a brief moment before throwing a tiny bomb in the air. The AOE is so small that you can just step-dodge but if you want to be careful enough, you would prefer running away instead.

The best way to force him to use only his melee abilities is to shove him into the corner. Preferably block him into the door and continually wail on him there. He hardly uses his gourd negation ability and his shurikens never happen to begin with.


At this point in the game , he will acquire two new abilities which are :

  • Smoke bomb and jab.
  • Poison throw.

At random intervals, he will show a smoke-bomb down at his feet and then punch into it. Just get away whenever this happens. The ability takes a long time so you should have enough time to just evade it. Right after his punch, go right back in for some more slashes.

At random intervals, he will jump into the air as he throws shurikens, but he will also be throwing poison in a cone directly in front of you. Step-dodge or run backwards at this time. Even if the poison touches you, it should not cause much damage in quick succession.

Hit him with those Deathblows once more and the achievement will be yours to claim and you will successfully beat the Great Shinobi.

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