Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa (Boss Guide)

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa Boss Fight


1.Usage of grapple moves from your  Prosthetic Skill Tree aids a lot.

2.Buy the Firecracker Prosthetic for 500 coins from Ashina Memoral.

3.Grapple on Gyouba Boss and slash as you stun with firecrackers.

4.Look out for his horse, as it stomps after your first Deathblow!


In order to progress with the story and game its a must to defeat this boss. This guide will help you if you are frustrated and cannot make it or just want to know it in general..

Since the Boss rides a freaking big Horse,  you will have to use your grapple skill to get near him. Go to your Prosthetic Arts screen and buy the Grappling Hook. This will enable you to grapple to Gyouba and slash him as soon as you grapple and get near him.

You can also purchase the Firecracker Prosthetic from the Memorial mob on the Ashina outskirts.

Where to find this mob??

Go into this opening in the wall and navigate your way towards the edge of a cliff.

Drop down here and look for a way up.

If you did not find it yet this is the way up and above where you should go!

Grapple onto this location and make you way across.

After you make your way across you will want to grapple somewhere around here where the indicators show up.

Here you will Find your MOB!

This will cost you 500 coins which can be easily retrieved by using either gold pouches in your inventory or simply farming enemies by killing, waiting and resetting the mobs, then repeating the same action over. It wont take up much of your time as you will figure it out easily.

After acquiring the Firecracker Prosthetic, you can grapple to Gyoubu and use it on his horse. This will cause his horse to disorient for a brief period allowing you to get a couple of slashes in. Just be careful because while doing these because he can destroy you with his arm and do quick work of you. Keep this up and be patient about it and you will  beat Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa!



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