Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat The Corrupted Monk (Boss Guide)

Corrupted Monk Boss Fight

You will engage in this fight after you reach the Fountainhead and try to over and across the bridge.

You need to keep in mind that you must be good at parrying because that is what’s mostly needed here. It should take you a couple tries to figure out the pattern of his attacks.They wont be that hard since you can Mikiri counter one of those quite easily. However, consider bringing some Spirit Emblems and Firecracker prosthetics with you.

  • To start off with, The Monk will fly down to the opposite end of the bridge.

Utilize this time to make a move towards him. But be aware of his swiping blade as he falls down. It should not deal any damage, but it can stun and stagger you and the fight will get extended unnecessarily.It is recommended that you start running then standing still to wait fir his swipe, then continue running to get a couple of killer slashes on him.

Right after this, he will slash 5-6 times. Here is where your parry skill comes in as you can parry these and deal massive posture damage. At the end of this combination, He sends his weapon forth, which you can Mikiri counter to dish out more damage.

Try repeating the above many times. Once you find an opportunity for a slash, go for it, but you main focus should be those parries as they will see you through. He will have a slide ability that you can leap over and the animation of it is long enough for you to land some more slashes on him.

He also possesses a jump and slam ability, which also has an animation cool-down so that you can land some blows. If you are having a hard time following this just dodge to evade blows and parry when required. His posture bar wont deplete easily so be patient and keep a calm head.

After First Deathblow

Once you deathblow him for the first time, you can get fairly easy deathblow right away. Grapple to one of the trees above you and watch towards the middle of the bridge. At a certain point as he will recoverfrom the last execution, he will sit still to catch a breath. Exploit this moment to leap and deathblow him!

Second Iteration

This is the moment which you should make it count. While he gets up from the second deathblow, allign yourself behind him. Get three or more slashes and use your fireworks. Stun him and get 3 or 4 slashes in. Use your fireworks again and keep this up until his stagger bar is about to max out!

If by any chance you run out of Spirit Emblems, you can finish him off fairly easily but you would want to watch out for his main two abilities:

  • Spit Fear: His right arm grows in power as he shoots out projectiles infront of him to land decent damage.
  • Jumping Slash: He Jumps and lunges towards you, while going into a violent whirl wind blade spin which you have to watch out for.

The SPIT FEAR is avoidable and The JUMP SLASH can be blocked by you. After avoiding SPIT FEAR get a few slashes in before hanging back to evade damage. And in case of THE JUMPING SLASH just hold tight till have a chance to parry one of his attacks or wait for another one of his attacks before going in for few more hits on him.
Keep this up and you will have him defeated with patience and a calm mind and hence get your much coveted achievement and manage to defeat the Corrupted Monk Boss!




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