Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat The Folding Screen Monkeys (Boss Guide)

Folding Screen Monkeys Boss Fight

NOTE: This can be done only  if you defeated Genichiro and have spoke to Isshin.

Having a hard time finding Isshin??
After talking to Kuro after your Genichiro fight, he will ask you to locate and find Isshin in the watchtower close by. To some players, he wont be actually there and you will be able to find only a note. SO,

1.Retrieve Isshin’s Note from the Watchtower.

2.Speak with Emma and she will tell you where Isshin is located.

3.Travel to The Gyouba arena location and go right up the stairs from the arena.

4.Enter the watchtower and find Tengu. Tengu will request rats to be killed.

5.Head through the gates from Gyouba arena.

6.Straight up to the hill and to your right, there will be three rats.

7.Kill them and return to Tengu for your reward.

8.Head back to Emma then to the previous watchtower for Isshin.

Henceforth, you should begin to travel through the Senpou Temple area. Assuming that you keep savings checkpoints, go to the Main Hall checkpoint. After reaching, ring the bell on the table right in front of the massive statues.

You would be relocated to another area. Heading north, you will come across an NPC who gives you hints on how to defeat each of the four monkeys.

Purple Monkey – Runs as he sees you come.

Orange MonkeyAlerts other monkeys after spotting you.

Green Monkey – Runs as soon as he hears you.

Invisible Monkey will be the one you will look forward to execute and slay!

1.Orange Monkey

Its recommended you go for the orange monkey first so that he can’t alert the other monkeys. Grapple towards the roof and duck. The Orange Monkey will jump upon the rooftops, so ideally wait and be patient until he jumps back to the roof near you instead of grappling to another roof yourself.

Having a hard time tracking them?? They give away footprints underneath them which can allow you to track them easily. manage yourself to come behind the Orange Monkey, give him a deathblow and move onto the next one! The purple monkey.

2.Purple Monkey

You can just free skill this and not worry about a particular trick. Just don’t  take damage!  There should be a temple which you can enter. After entering blow out all of the candles. Since the Purple Monkey is dependent on his vision skill, you have the opportunity to bait and chase him inside the temple and hide in the shadows.

You should be able to grapple above and once the monkey is at the right spot, you can deathblow him from the roofs and execute him to bring him to a low health bar. After that the focus shifts to the next monkey! The green monkey.

3.Green Monkey

This monkey should be on the roof of one of the buildings, even though the location of the monkey may vary from player to player. But you should be able to find him.

There are many bells spread out in the arena that you can use to hide yourself and your footsteps. Ring one of those bells and then grapple to it until you find him. Be patient and keep a calm mind at all times and you should manage to finish him off too. With that being said your focus shifts towards the one and final monkey!

4.Invisible Monkey

You will notice him pacing and sizing you up behind you. You wont be able to see him in plain sight so its recommended you reveal him by throwing a handful of fireworks on the ground or just good old fashion slashing will also work but the first method is much efficient. Once that is done, you can execute him and get your memory as well as a nifty achievement and in the process defeat The Folding Screen Monkeys.


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