Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat The Guardian Ape (Boss Guide)


After going through Gun Fort and ending up at Riven Cave, you will notice a notch to grappel directly above you and the idol. After pulling yourself up onto the ledge, follow the path where it will lead down and continue until you reach another idol called “Bodhisattva Valley”. Just to the north of that is the arena.


You can go at your own pace but its highly advised to go hard on Guardian Ape despite the amount of battle area they give you in the arena. Right Upon entering, rush towards him and get a few slashes in before his starting animation ends. At the end of his animation, he usually does a right slash, so be aware of that.

Continue to step-dodge to his back, get in a few hits before he ends up turning around towards you. If you’re having trouble step-dodging, its highly recommend to hit him once and then run to reposition yourself before you slash him again.

Be on the the look out for his two attacks:

1. Feces Throw

as the move tells, he throws his feces. You will find that he retreats at a far distance back and reach behind him. Once this happens and you see the opening, rush towards him quickly. Dodge the throw and land a few slashes before he gathers up himself again.

If you end up getting slashed by him, it will deal a massive amount of damage and you will get poisoned. If you’re having troubles with this part of the game, it’s recommended that you carry a few antidotes on you in those rare occurrences where you get poisoned. It also helps against his flatulence ability, but you will be able to avoid that easily.

2.Sweeping Grab

At particular events throughout your combat, his left arm will swoop the floor downwards to grab you. This will inflict a tonne of damage, so be sure to leap the moment you see him use that ability. You will get a warning sign above your head so that you know he is about to do it. You can also use fireworks to stun him as well.


After you slash his head off, you’ll notice that he calls in backup and carries a sword now. This can be ended quite easily with a bit of patience and calm mind with the understanding of how his abilities will end up landing.
He will use two skills to disorient you:


You’ll notice the red symbol hovering above your head. At this moment, you’ll want to run away as quickly as possible. This causes fear in you and once that fear bar is filled, there wont be much you can do. This happens very often but it’s not hard to avoid. With calm mind it can be avoided easily.

2.Belly Slide Slash

The guardian ape will get a slight running start before diving forward. He’ll send his sword sweeping the ground for a potential damage infliction. If you’re good at timing it just right, you can just leap over it and slash him a few times before he gets back up on his feet. Be careful as he will most likely use his shrieking ability right after.But keep on the grind and slash for some more time and then you will be done and the Guardian Ape will be defeated!



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