Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat The Lady Butterfly (Boss Guide)

Lady Butterfly Boss Fight


1.This has two phases. Killing the first Lady Butterfly to progress to the next encounter.

2.Whirlwind Combat Art skill along with shurikens seem to work well.

3.She has punishing sweep ability. Be aware when she jumps upon her strings above, as that can be fatal for you if you are not careful.

4.Be alert from the butterflies after the minions fade. sprint away until they disappear.


Lady Butterfly can be found in Hirata Estate as you quick travel to Hirata’s Audience Chamber.

The face-off begins as you enter the atrium and she will throw her kunai at you as soon as you enter. Take cover behind one of the wooden pillars closest to you and allow her to come closer while using the pillar as cover against the projectiles she throws at you.

After doing this successfully you have 2 options:

1.Continue to slash her : only stop to parry her abilities when they show on your screen.
2.Use the Whirlwind Combat Art skill to bring her health down at a slower rate, not taking away the fact that this will work also. its recommended you save up your shurikens for stage 2.

Once the Lady is within range of your slashes, hit her a few times to deal stagger damage or use the Whirlwind Combat Art skill to slash off a bit of health from her health bar. Do not forget to dodge her attacks as well.

Notice carefully that when she blocks your attacks, they create bright sparks, as the two swords collide. At one particular point, the sparks will get brighter and this will be your indication as to when she will strike you. As soon as this happens, parry them to keep up the stagger bar.

Be aware of her sweep ability. When the floating warnings come over your head she is likely to do a sweep, you can actually deal tonnes of stagger damage by leaping and kicking off her head. Its a bit tricky but keep your cool and you can beat her at your first encounter with her.

The second encounter is pretty much the same. Just make sure that when she fades her minions away, sprint away from the projectile butterflies or take cover behind some pillars just to be safe. The minions are not that hard to beat, especially with Whirlwind. You will end up jamming your sword through her and Defeat The Lady Butterfly!


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